Rock at the Head of the Class

ROCK N’ ROLLLLLLL!!!!We’re still not Out of Time, but I’m feeling awfully RundownUnder the Tuscan Sun.Secondhand Lions, huh? Looks like Jack Black schooled all other movies over the weekend, as the official results are in. School of Rock made a strong presence at the box office. The Denzel Washington starrer Out of Time opened in second, while last weeks top dawg The Rundown dropped two spots to third. Under the Tuscan Sun took fourth and Secondhand Lions rounded out the top five.1. School Of Rock (19.62m)2. Out Of Time (16.19m)3. The Rundown (9.68m)4. Under The Tuscan Sun (7.68m)5. Secondhand Lions (5.18m)6. Underworld (5.07m)7. Lost In Translation (4.16m)8. The Fighting Temptations (3.39m)9. Once Upon A Time In Mexico (2.63m)10. Cold Creek Manor (2.51m)

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