ROCKin’ good fun in HELLDORADO

That’s right kids, Big Daddy Axel has seen the action-buddy-mesoamerican-Walken movie you’ve all been waiting for…Formerly known as HELLDORADO and UNTITLED ROCK PROJECT…So click it just a little bit, right there baby!And get the lowdown on THE RUNDOWN While this is most definitely categorizable as a “popcorn” flick, an “action fluff-piece” and many other sometimes-derogatory nomers, THE RUNDOWN is a totally entertaining, fast-paced and energetic night at the movies.Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, former college football star and onetime host of NBC’s hard-to-find skit comedy show SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, acquits himself of the “styrofoam action hero” label so many hoisted upon him after his bit-part in the historical epic THE SCORPION KING. Johnson is charming, intelligent and extremelly charismatic in his role as the mysterious Mr. Beck, an aspiring Chef / Bagman who is dispatched to escort a wayward son from the jungles of Brazil back home to his loving father in L.A..Sean William Scott, another newcomer, best known as Stifler in the little-seen teen sex education film series AMERICAN PIE, is also a hot new talent to keep an eye on. His manic mannerisms and perfect comedic timing make him the hilarious center of several scenes, including fight scenes with tree monkeys and portuguese pygmy ninjas. The cast is rounded out by the excellent British talent Ewan Bremner, an enticing latina bombshell named Rosario Dawson, and someone I’m not too familiar with, a new face calling himself Christopher Walken. This Walken gentleman, with his off-kilter phrasing and sly, boyish smile, lights up the screen at every opportunity, inviting us to laugh and enjoy ourselves through his cherubic grin.Seriously though… Walken… he’s what you would call… a GOD! Honestly… who isn’t going… to see… this movie… when you KNOW… he’s gonna start some sh*#?The action kicks major ace. Rocky Maiva Johnson LaHoya is THE MAN, scrappin’ and fighting, having a ball with this crew… Sean Willy is frickin’ hilarious… Ernie Reyes Jr. is a martial arts madman!!! Give this cat several movies… let him kick Jet Li in the ass and tear out Stevie Seagals scalp by the roots!!!Go see this damn movie!! I command you. Walken commands you. Vince McMahon, Executive Producer and CEO of WWE films commands it.One point for being totally kick-nut, balls-to-the-walls exciting…One more point for smelling what the Rock was cooking all this time…Two points for Rocky’s excellent quirks and badass catchphrases…One more for Sean Willy and his tiny tim scene…495 points for Walken, in full-on repressive plantation commando mode, screaming about the Tooth Fairy to a gaggle of Brazilians that No Habla…That’s a big 5 and two monstrous zeroes baby!!! See it… now!! You’ve got nothing else to do until October 10, right? Axel HWalken on the right – Givin’ it the gravy!

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