Oooh! Scary!

FREDDY VS. JASON couldn’t be broken up by S.W.A.T. on the OPEN RANGE.What a FREAKY FRIDAY. It’s a good thing I found THE MEDALLION. What a poor weekend at the box office. The top two movies barely made it into the double digits.Freddy Vs. Jason, the movie that combined two of the greatest horror movie monsters going head-to-head managed to hold on to the top spot for the second straight week. S.W.A.T. held onto second spot in its third week, while the Kevin Costner flick, Open Range, took third.Freaky Friday took fourth over the new Jackie Chan film The Medallion, which is the only newcomer to break the top five. The only other newcomer to grace the top ten in tenth spot was My Boss’s Daughter.1. Freddy Vs. Jason (13.45m)2. S.W.A.T. (10.80m)3. Open Range (9.38m)4. Freaky Friday (9.36m)5. The Medallion (8.20m)6. Pirates Of Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (7.32m)7. Seabiscuit (6.33m)8. Uptown Girls (5.60m)9. American Wedding (5.58m)10. My Boss’s Daught er (5.00m)

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