MTI Fall slate

Fresh from announcement at this years VSDA Conference in Las Vegas,Here’s MTI Home Videos new Fall lineup…Including the next Redrum offering, LEARNING CURVE…And a Festival hit starring Jason Priestley and Kelsey Grammar…Check it out! NEW FILMS ANNOUNCED AT VSDA:BUG OFF! September 9 Family film about an alien baby sitter who grants a girl’s wish to turn her pesky brother into a bug! BONANZA: THE NEXT GENERATION September 16 Stars Gillian Greene (the granddaughter of Lorne Greene) and Michael Landon Jr. (the son of Michael Landon). A new generation returns to the Ponderosa, where a man’s word is his honor and the fastest gun rules supreme! DARKEST KNIGHT 2 September 23 A fantasy film about a chosen warrior, the Darkest Knight, who must battle evil to return England’s True Leader to the throne. LEARNING CURVE October 7 Definitely not to be confused with “The Breakfast Club,” this film looks at the private hell teachers and weaker students endure at Donner High. That is until Mr. Walmsley comes in to teach the bullies a few life lessons! FEEDBACK October 14 The film is about the ultimate power a hi-tech device, which can communicate 6 hours into the past, can have on the future of three friends. STANDING ON FISHES December 16 Starring KELSEY GRAMMER and JASON PRIESTLEY, the film is an off-beat comedy about an artist’s desire to maintain his integrity, while sculpting that hidden part of a woman’s anatomy for an eccentric film Director.

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