At the Movies: Bad Boys are GOOD!

Bad Boys – Bad Boys – what ya gonna doWhat ya gonna do when they come for you? Buy a ticket of course.Aaargh, shiver me timbers. Make the scurvy dawgs walk the plank….. The duo of Smith and Lawrence is still dynamite as Bad Boys 2 ruled over the box office bumping Pirates from the top spot. Looks like this is the summer of Bruckheimer with both his productions holding onto the first and second spot. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fell one spot, while newcomer, Johnny English managed to squeeze into fourth just barely taking in more than T3.The only other new comer this week to grace the top ten is the Mandy Moore flick How to Deal1. Bad Boys 2 (46.70m)2. Pirates Of Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (33.26m)3. The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (10.10m)4. Johnny English (9.32m)5. Terminator 3: Rise Of Machines (9.20m)6. Finding Nemo (7.28m)7. Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde (6.10m)8. How To Deal (5.80m)9. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (3.70m)10.7 28 Days Later (2.55m)

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