Pirates of the Caribbean Reviewed

Shiver me timbers. Ye, better make haste ye swash buckling yellow bellies. There be pirates abroad. Aargh!If adventures on the high sea, swordplay, and wild stunts are what you’re looking for this summer then the team of Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer have just the thing for you. A tale of pirates, treasure and curses hits the big screen this summer (loosely) based on the highly popular Disney attraction Pirates of the Caribbean. In the crystalline waters of the Caribbean is where our story takes place. When Will Turner (Bloom) was a young boy he was found adrift and round his neck was a golden medallion. The woman, Elizabeth Swann (Knightley), who found him as a child had taken the medallion to keep a secret not realizing that the medallion was the link between cursed pirates and their salvation.With the help of “Captain” Jack Sparrow (Depp), Will races to save Elizabeth and to stop the evil Captain Barbossa (Rush) from his diabolical plans and, once and for all, send the cursed crew of the Black Pearl to Davie Jones’ locker.A witty script, beautiful sets and scenery, and fantastic costumes are not all that Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl has to offer. The stupendous special effects show what the cursed pirates really are in the moonlight. You see what I mean during the climatic final fight sequence.Johnny Depp, one of today’s most underrated actors (IMO), stars as Captain Sparrow, a crazy, yet surprisingly clever, pirate. Someone like Depp could have only pulled off the character’s crazy mannerisms, and I don’t think there is anyone else like him. Jack Sparrow also makes one of the most memorable movie entrances I’ve ever seen on film.Geoffrey Rush is, once again, brilliant as the evil Captain Barbossa. Rush is quirky yet evil enough to carry the part of the evil pirate admirably. As in most of his movies he usually steals the scenes, but this time he’s equally matched by Depp’s memorable portrayal of Sparrow.Orlando Bloom, who plays William Turner, is a little limited in his role as the straight hero. He never really gets to shine, but he was still a wise choice for the part. Keira Knightley, who reminds me of Winona Ryder (looks-wise anyway), is not a maiden in distress like most other females in these types of movies. She delivers a decent performance and wasn’t too bad to look at either.This will be one of my favorite movies from this summer. Plus, I can’t wait to get this flick on DVD. I know I’ll watch it over and over.Crave Factor – 9

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