Angels Fly High

Diaz, Liu, Barrymore = Charlie’s AngelsHULK SMASH! HULK CRUSH!Woah! Dude, that was totally awesome…. With three beautiful stars coming together once again to bring us the second installment in the Charlie’s Angels movie franchise you’d expect bigger box office numbers. Falling just shy of its predecessor’s opening weekend of $40 million Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle promised more thrills than the first, but looks to missed the mark.The big green man known as The Hulk fell to second spot, while Finding Nemo continues to go strong taking third. The latest horror movie managed to attract a fairly large audience helping 28 Days Later jump into fourth spot. Jim Carrey’s latest, Bruce Almighty managed to hang onto fifth.1. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (38.00m)2. The Hulk (18.43m)3. Finding Nemo (13.89m)4. 28 Days Later (9.73m)5. Bruce Almighty (6.19m)6. 2 Fast 2 Furious (5.68m)7. The Italian Job (5.40m)8. Rugrats Go Wild (3.50m)9. Hollywood Homicide (3.00m)10. Alex & Emma (2.66m)

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