DVD NEW RELEASES!!! June 17!!!

Tuesday is once again upon us, O’ disciples of the mighty silvery disc…And while it may seem that evevrybody maxed out on super-releases last week, there’s still some good shiznit to be had…As usual, Big E has your hookup to the newest, sweetest, tastiest discs on the street today.Tons of Kung Fu action, including TSUI HARK’S VAMPIRE HUNTERS…A whole lotta anime-a-ation, featuring CRYING FREEMAN #3JUST MARRIED,Special Ed’s of SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE and GODS AND MONSTERS,And Ray Liotta gets wiggy with it… in Joe Carnahan’s NARC!!!Check it out, ye wholly rollers of the digital age… Here’s the poop…Air America: Operation JaguarAll Ladies Do It: Special EditionAngel Links: The Complete SeriesAngel Of Darkness #5Angel Of Darkness CollectionBack Road DinerBanged Up The Bank Bloody Murder 2The Blue Collar Comedy Tour Boogiepop Phantom: Limited Edition Collector’s Ultra BoxBoy’s Choir BreakawayThe Bride With White Hair 2Carlito’s AngelsCarry On PickpocketCops & Robbers CrackerCreezy Crest Of The Stars: The Complete SeriesCriminal ConfessionsCrying Freeman #3: Abduction In ChinatownDad on the Run The Dead Zone (TV): The First SeasonDeath Dual of the Mantis Deliver Us From Eva DescendantDracula II: The AscensionDragon Knight: Wheel Of Time Vol. 1Dragonball Z: Babidi Box SetEcho of Blue Ed and His Dead MotherFamily Reunion: The Movie Fatal LoveFist Of The UnicornFrost: Portrait Of A VampireFulltime Killer FuryThe Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw / The Gambler V: Playing for Keeps Genesis Climber Mospeada: 5-Disc CollectionGhost BallroomGods And Monsters: Special EditionHeaven Hellgate: The House That Screamed 2Hidden BlessingsThe Incredible Hulk (Animated)Interview with the Assassin Jack Reed: Death And VengeanceJack Reed: One Of Our OwnJackedJailbaitJefftowneJust MarriedLost Money Mantis in the Monkey’s ShadowMaster Swordsman Me Without YouMirandaMobile Fighter G-Gundam: Collector’s Box Set #4Mobile Fighter G-Gundam: Round # 10 Mobile Fighter G-Gundam: Round # 11Mobile Fighter G-Gundam: Round # 12Mr. Vampire 3Mutant Aliens Narc Night Flight from MoscowPipe Dream Power & Terror: Noam Chomsky In Our Times Rahxephon Vol. 3: HarmonicReal About High School: Box Set #2Reign: The Conqueror #3 – DominationThe Rivals of the Silver Fox Robert Townsend: Partners In CrimeRollercoasterRub & Tug Satanis: The Devil’s Mass / Sinthia: The Devil’s DollShadow Of The Vampire: Special EditionShaolin Invincible Sticks Snake in the Crane’s ShadowSpiderBabe Spike And Mike’s Sick And Twisted Festival Of Animation: Full FrontalSoul HunterStargate SG-1: Season 3Staying OnStrangers With Candy: The Complete First SeasonSuicide BlondeTempoThe Tinto Brass CollectionTopper / Topper ReturnsTrial Watch Tsui Hark’s Vampire Hunters Tully Walking With Cavemen

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