Time again for some of that sweet DVD news…Today finds us with releases from almost every major house, but I’m not going to say a thing…You wanna know what’s going on?Check it out, baby… The always reliable folks at MTI have a few new discs on the way, including a September 2 release of indie hit THE 13th CHILD: LEGEND OF THE JERSEY DEVIL…Also on the MTI slate is GHOST RIG on July 1 and the action flick LESSONS FOR AN ASSASSIN on July 8, as well as KILLERS 2: THE BEAST and festival favorite HUNTING HUMANS on July 22.MPI Home Video has announced DARK SHADOWS: DVD COLLECTION 6 for June 24. The 4-disc set includes episodes 413 to 453 of the long-running Vampire soap-opera, as well as interviews with actors from the show. The set will be available at better retailers everywhere, or by phone from MPI at 1-800-777-2223.Warner Home Video has a few announcements, starting with the long-awaited debut of E.R.: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON on August 26. The 4-disc set will include all 25 episodes from the premiere season, including the 90 minute pilot. Also included are “personal notes” from creator Michael Crichton, two new documentaries, 2 featurettes, outtakes, unreleased footage, interviews with cast and crew, commentary on two episodes, an interactive FIRST YEAR INTERN HANDBOOK feature and easter eggs. Yowza!Also from WB is the Amanda Bynes flick WHAT A GIRL WANTS in both widescreen and fullscreen versions on August 5.August 19, WB releases the controversial Michael Moore docu ROGER & ME complete with original 1.33:1 Fullscreen ratio, Dolby mono, commentary from the always verbose Moore, and a trailer.WB will also release FRIENDS: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON on July 15, the 1960 version of THE ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN on August 26, OF UNKOWN ORIGIN on August 5, and KEN BURN’S AMERICA: THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE on September 30. In more disappointing news, WB has once again pushed back the release of the much-anticipated THE IRON GIANT from August 26 to sometime in 2004.New Line has announced a DVD release of the much-rumored, little-seen “Mr.Show” movie, RUN RONNIE RUN. This one hits on September 16 in Anamorphic Wide, with 5.1 DDS sound, deleted scenes, music video, trailers and eggs galore.Also from New Line is the ‘reality’ film THE REAL CANCUN on July 1. New Line will hopefully purge that blight on creation with the September 2 releases of the Vin Diesel actioner A MAN APART and the magnificent and long-awaited release of ONCE WERE WARRIORS.MGM has announced the recent Frankie Muniz “Bond Jr.” flick AGENT CODY BANKS as a “SpecialEdition” due on DVD August 5. Also on the MGM list are the TV version of Stephen King’s CARRIE on August 12 and the ultra-controversial BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE on August 19. COLUMBINE will have a loaded package with numerous extras along with a 1.85:1 AW transfer and 5.1 DDS sound.MGM has also announced a September 2 release date for THE OUTER LIMITS – THE ORIGINAL SERIES: SEASON TWO… Do not adjust your dial…Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment has announced CAUGHT, DOUBLE VISION, IMPLICATED and the excellent horror flick NIGHTSTALKER for August 5, along with new SUPERBIT versions of STARSHIP TROOPERS, THE ONE, JOHN CARPENTER’S VAMPIRES and Sam Raimi’s western opus THE QUICK AND THE DEAD On August 12, look for CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT, HE LOVES ME, HE LOVES ME NOT and the hilarious Hammer horror camp-fest DIE DIE MY DARLING.Finally, THE THREE STOOGES: STOOGES IN HISTORY, SEE NO EVIL, COVER GIRL, ALL THE REAL GIRLS and OUT FOR A KILL have all been set for an August 19 release. Universal has Chris Rock and running mate Bernie Mac ready for election on August 12 with the release of HEAD OF STATE. 1.85:1 Anamorphic Wide, with 5.1 DDS sound, a Chris Rock commentary track, featurette, still gallery and trailers. NOYCE!!Fox Home Entertainment has a few announcements, including FUTURAMA: VOLUME 2 on August 12 and THE FAMILY GUY: VOLUME 2 on September 9.Also on the list is the September 2 release of ANGEL: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON in a six-disc box full of extras. August 19 brings NYPD BLUE: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON, and September 2 marks the debut of the straight-to-TV(!!!) sequel HOME ALONE 4…Finally, Goldhil Releasing has scored the rights to everyones favorite pioneering soap, which will debut on July 8. LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON and …:THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON will feature all of the first and second season episodes in their original formats, Fullscreen with mono sound, and extras limited to air dates and episode listings. Hey man, it’s still little Laura Ingalls…

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