Bruce Almighty Over Matrix

Jim Carrey is back!The Matrix still has youDaddy Day Care is still looking after X-Men 2. Who saw this one coming? Jim Carrey is back and in a big way. His return to comedy in Bruce Almighty scored big at the box office taking in more that $86 million over the Memorial Day long weekend bumping last weeks top The Matrix Reloaded. The Matrix sequel still managed to hold it’s own bringing another $45 million to bring it’s two week total to $209 million.Daddy Day Care still managed to stay on top of X2: X-Men United in the battle for the box office. The In-Law was the only other new release to grace the top ten sliding into 5th spot.Here’s how the rest played.1. Bruce Almighty (86.40m)2. The Matrix Reloaded (45.63m)3. Daddy Day Care (18.00m)4. X2: X-Men United (13.06m)5. The In-Laws (9.13m)6. Down With Love (5.14m)7. The Lizzie Mcguire Movie (4.02m)8. Holes (3.00m)9. Identity (2.60m)10. Anger Management (2.40m)

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