DVD NEWS to make your Memorial Day!!

DVD News is comin’ at ya!Check out news on new DVD versions of FARGO, PRIZZI’S HONOR and I LOVE YOU TO DEATH…Not to mention a special 60th Anniversary 2-disc edition of CASABLANCA!!!You can also pick up news on STEVEN SPIELBERG PRESENTS: TAKEN and the complete series of the original BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA!!!Check it out, you Circus monkeys!!! First up, obviously, is the 60th anniversary edition of CASABLANCA from Warner Home Video… This one will be available on August 5, in a 2-disc set which will include a newly remastered 1.37:1 transfer, audio commentary by Roger Ebert and film historian Rudy Behlmer, THE CHILDREN REMEMBER featurette (featuring interviews with the stars children), YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS: THE MAKING OF CASABLANCA and BACALL ON BOGART documentaries, the original SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS radio production of the script, scoring session outtakes, trailers, and most exciting of all… 10 minutes of recently uncovered, never-before-seen deleted scenes and outtakes!!! And history is made…MGM Home Entertainment has announced their September lineup, which includes a new Special Edition version of Coen Brothers classic FARGO. Presented in 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen and 5.1 DDS sound, extras will include audio commentary from DP Roger Deakins, interviews with the brothers Coen and star Frances McDormand, still galleries, trailers, easter eggs and the documentary MINNESOTA NICE. Check it out September 30…Also on the slate, is a trio of John Sayles cult faves, debuting September 16. LIANNA, BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET and RETURN OF THE SECAUCUS SEVEN each including commentary from the indie auteur, a featurette and a trailer.MGM will also release EUREKA, , SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY, OLEANNA, JUMP TOMORROW, BRIMSTONE AND TREACLE, ARTICLE 99, CHATAHOOCHEE, THE HOSPITAL, THERE GOES MY BABY and John Huston’s phenomenal black comedy mafia saga PRIZZI’S HONOR starring Jack Nicholson, Kathleen Turner and Anjelica Huston in one of her best roles. These will also street on September 16.Dreamworks/Universal have announced an October 21 release date for the 10 episode Spielberg miniseries TAKEN which premiered on the Sci-Fi channel last year and made many, many waves. The show will be presented in a six-disc set, in Anamorphic Widescreen with 5.1 DDS sound. Each of the first 5 discs will feature two uncut episodes, and the 6th disc will contain the bountiful extras. These extras will include 5 featurettes (THE CAST OF TAKEN; A NEW REALITY; A SINGULAR VISION; TIME WARP and INSIDE TAKEN), cast and crew bios and filmographies, still galleries and more. Stay tuned in the weeks to come for more information as it comes available.Also on the Universal slate, rumors abound that the studio is readying a full series release of the original BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA show, to lead-in to the new Sci-Fi Channel miniseries and tie-in videogame, both due this fall. No official announcement has been made, but when the word is out, look for it here…In other TV series news, Universal has announced two more 2-disc collections of the long-running and endlessly fruitful LAW & ORDER. The two new sets, entitled ORGANIZED AND UNSOLVED CRIMES and BADGE OF DISHONOR will debut on August 26. No details on which episodes are to be included, or on what kind of extra-value materials will be added, but the eps will be presented in standard 4:3 Fullscreen with 2.0 Dolby stereo sound.And finally, in Universal news, on September 2 you can check out a quintet of five Don Knotts “classics”. THE SHAKIEST GUN IN THE WEST, THE RELUCTANT ASTRONAUT, THE GHOST AND MRS. CHICKEN, THE LOVE GOD and HOW TO FRAME A FRIGG are all on the list. Some are AW, some are fullscreen, all come in mono sound and promise days of hilarity for those with the stones to watch them…Paramount joins the late summer fray with a triad of quality films by perpetually underrated director Peter Bogdanovich. August 12, be sure to pick up the Oscar fave PAPER MOON, the tasty young Cybill Shepard vehicle DAISY MILLER, and the ‘toight’ thriller TARGETS. All three are packaged with new AW transfers, 5.1 DDS sound and Bogdanovich commentary, along with other extras, like trailers…MPI Home Video have announced the arrival of the first three volumes in the Granada Television series THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, starring Jeremy Brett as the titular super-sleuth and Edward Hardwicke as the stalwart Dr. Watson. Each of the three volumes contain two episodes of the film series. Volume 1 contains THE EMPTY HOUSE and THE ABBEY GRANGE. Volume 2 holds THE SECOND STAIN and THE SIX NAPOLEONS, and Volume 3 packages THE PRIORY SCHOOL and WISTERIA LODGE. The sets will be available on June 24 at stores or can be ordered from MPI by calling 1-800-777-2223 or logging on to www.mpihomevideo.com.Criterion has announced the titles and spinal codes of its remaining titles for the year, included are the Steven Soderbergh flick SCHIZOPOLIS at #119, the Vittorio DeSica 2-pack of INDISCRETION OF AN AMERICAN WIFE and TERMINAL STATION combined at #202, and THE FASSBINDER BDR TRILOGY Box Set at #203, which includes THE MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN(#204), LOLA(#205) and VERONIKA VOSS(#206). No details have been released, and there is yet to be an ‘official’ word on these releases, but they are include on the latest Criterion Catalogue, so bank on it…Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment has a few new releases to cut loose, including the June release of David Cronenberg’s creepy psychological study of a disturbed boy who becomes an even more disturbed man. SPIDER stars Ralph Fiennes as a schizophrenic man battling his childhood demons after his release from a mental institution. The film will be presented in Anamorphic Widescreen with 5.1 DDS sound and extras includingCronenberg commentary, 3 featurettes and trailers.Also from CTHE, are a pair of acclaimed comedies on July 29.I LOVE YOU TO DEATH is a brilliant dark comedy with fantastically off-the-wall performances from Keanu Reeves, Kevin Kline, William Hurt, Tracy Ullman and the late River Pheonix. This Lawrence Kasdan directed classic comes in a selectable Widescreen/Fullscreen package with Dolby surround sound and trailers for extras.The Australian hit BETTER THAN SEX was nominated for 8 Australian Film Awards and has been critically acclaimed throughout North America during it’s recent arthouse run. You can check it out on July 29, in Anamorphic Widescreen, 5.1 DDS sound. It is light on the extras, but a film like this is enough of a treat. Good On Ya’!!!Last, but never least, our good pals at Eclectic DVD are getting ready to unleash the goulish sequel EVIL DEAD TRAP 2 on July 1!! While no details have been made available yet, rest assured, this Japanes thrill-gore fest is sure to please even the most discerning fans of Japanese Horror. Very cool indeed. That’s going to be a fixture at my Canada Day party…fer shur!Well, that’s all the news that’s new and spectacular…Rock on, pretty babies!!!

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