Matrix Reloaded is King

The One kicks some serious tale over the weekend.Daddy Day Care over powers the X-Men.See how the rest did over the weekend. The Matrix Reloaded squashed all other competition over the weekend setting two records. The first record being the largest opening by a sequel and the second being the largest opening by an R rated movie. It also sits number two for all-time box office opening last years Spider-Man, which brought in $114.8 million.Daddy Day Care managed to hold onto second spot over the weekend, while X2: X-Men United fell two spots to number 3. Down With Love took fourth, while The Lizzie McGuire Movie fell the fifth.1. The Matrix Reloaded (91.77m)2. Daddy Day Care (18.88m)3. X2: X-Men United (17.30m)4. Down With Love (7.00m)5. The Lizzie McGuire Movie (4.76m)6. Identity (3.66m)7. Anger Management (3.55m)8. Holes (3.16m)9. A Mighty Wind (1.69m)10. Bend It Like Beckham (1.37m)

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