A little bit O DVD News for you on a beeee-A-utifull Thursday afternoon…Could it be? Is it true? Jerry? Newman? Lainie and Can’tStandJa???SEINFELD finally coming to DVD?????Also…GODS AND GENERALS… ROB ZOMBIE and DEAD AND BURIED…CTHE gets SPUN! WB wants to let you choose your own collection…Rhino let’s you CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE????Check it out, beautiful babies!!! Warner Home Video is giving you peeps out there a chance to pick which of their Classic catalogue titles will receive releases in 2004. This joint promotion between WHV, AOL and Turner Classic Movies will allow AOL members to select 5 favorites from a list of 20 currently unreleased titles. The 5 films with the most accumulated votes will be released as part of a WHV promotion in January of 2004, with the other titles following sometime in the next year. Voting will take place at AOL Keyword: DVD Decision in the AOL Movies section. WHV has provided a synopsis, clips and stills from each contender to allow for more ‘educated’ decision making. For those of you NOT on AOL… Check out TRYAOL to get in on the fun.The titles up for consideration are – THE ACTRESS, AFTER THE THIN MAN, ANOTHER THIN MAN, THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK, THE BLACKBOARD JUNGLE, DAYS OF WINE AND ROSES, DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE, EXECUTIVE SUITE, FINIAN’S RAINBOW, FOR ME AND MY GAL, THE GOOD EARTH, I’LL CRY TOMORROW, LOVE FINDS ANDY HARDY, NIGHT OF THE IGUANA, THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME, WHERE THE BOYS ARE, THE WIND AND THE LIONand ZIEGFELD GIRL.Also announced from the ol’ WB… The tremendous historical epic GODS AND GENERALS, debuts July 15. This prequel to the equally epic 1993 film GETTYSBURG covers the early campaigns of the American Civil War, and will be replete with an Anamorphic Widescreen transfer, 5.1 DDS sound and a tremendous number of extras. Audio commentaries by director, original author and several historians will be joined by 3 featurettes – JOURNEY TO THE PAST, AUTHENTICITIES OF THE FILM and THE LIFE OF THOMAS ‘STONEWALL’ JACKSON, as well as 2 music videos, DVD-Rom material and trailers. Glory, Glory! Hallelujah!Blue Underground has announced a killer DVD release for the Cult fave DEAD AND BURIED. This gruesome classic will arrive on July 28, with a remastered 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen transfer, 5.1 DDS and DTS sound and a wealth of extras including audio commentaries by Director Gary Sherman, lenser Steven Poster, writer Ron Shusett and actress Linda Turley. Other extras include interviews with star Robert Englund, FX legend Stan Winston and writer Dan O’Bannon, as well as still galleries and trailers. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment has announced the controversial indie freakshow SPUN, in both R and Unrated versions, for a July 22 release. This manic exploration of the 3-day downspiral of a Meth junkie and his circle of ‘friends’ will be presented in an AW transfer with 5.1 DDS sound and extras including audio commentaries, deleted scenes, TV spots, trailers and a music video, as well as the ‘infamous Cook Show’ trailer.Also on the way from CTHE…The latest issue of DVD Exclusive Magazine featured an article with the one and only Jerry Seinfeld, who admitted to being in the process of ‘digging up’ material and working on supplemental features for an upcoming DVD release of his history-making TV sitcom… say it with me… SEINFELD…No ‘official’ word has been announced by CTHE, so no details are available yet, but c’mon…would Jerry lie to you? I would pontificate a Christmas release for the debut, and a Season by Season set… Somebody better pick me up a double-wide stocking for December 25!!!August 12 is the day to mark on your calendars to finally get your grubby little horror-lovin’ hands on the long awaited HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES from director/rocker Rob Zombie and the good folks at Lion’s Gate Home Entertainment. Both R and Unrated versions will be available, in Anamorphic Widescreen and 5.1 DDS. Extras will include a Zombie audio commentary, isolated score audio track, still galleries, trailers and behind-the-scenes footage. Details have yet to be finalized, so more good grue could be included, guess we’ll still just have to wait and see…Finally for today, Rhino Home Entertainment has announced that tey will join up with DKP Effects to create an ‘interactive’ medieval fantasy DVD in the DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS world called SCOURGE OF WORLDS. The innovative feature will work something like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book, in that viewers will be offered more than 20 choices to make in the course of the film which will lead to different outcomes and 4 separate endings, amounting to more than 900 possible permutations of the story. The DVD will be released June 10. Later this fall Rhino plans to release a Special Edition version that will include two more endings, 15 minutes of extra footage, a featurette and a collectible miniature figurine of “Mialee”, one of the D&D characters that appears in the film…Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…

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