Tops Again For X2

Wolverine & Nightcrawler = DA BOMB!Lizzie McGuire goes to DADDY DAY CARE, but forgot her Identity. Next thing she knew she was taking ANGER MANAGEMENT classes. X2 held on for the second strait weekend bringing in an estimated $41.4 million, bring it’s 2 week total to $149 million. The only newcomer this week was Eddie Murphy’s latest, Daddy Day Care, which managed to take second place quite easily with an opening of $27.6 million.The Lizzie McGuire Movie dropped a spot to take third, while the thriller Identity took fourth. Anger Management took another $5.5 million in its fifth week to take its total to $122.9 million.1. X2: X-Men United (41.40m)2. Daddy Day Care (27.60m)3. The Lizzie Mcguire Movie (7.85m)4. Identity (6.30m)5. Anger Management (5.50m)6. Holes (4.64m)7. A Mighty Wind (2.87m)8. Malibu’s Most Wanted (2.13m)9. Bend It Like Beckham (1.65m)10. Confidence (1.50m)

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