DVD NEW RELEASES – April 29!!!

Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday!Time for the DVD NEW RELEASES for this week…Be sure to check out some of the magnificent stuff on display…BABYLON 5: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASONA new whack of Blind Samurai A-Whuuupppaaa with ZATOICHI #’s 6,7 & 8!!Japanese supercrazy goryzombiemania with JUNK from our new pals at UNEARTHED FILMS…The Duke lives on with RIO LOBO and BIG JAKEBruce Campbell Vs. Samwise Gamgee??? MTI unleashes ICEBREAKER!!!And many, many more…Check it out, Mr. Fancypants… · .Hack//Sign Ver.01 Login· American Family: The Complete First Season · Andy Warhol: The Complete Picture· Babel 2: #4 Fall Of The Tower · Babylon 5: The Complete Second Season· Big Jake · Bounty Huntress 2· The Bretts · The Dagger Of Kamui· Dark Shadows: DVD Collection 5 · Darkroom · The Diabolical Dr. Z· Dinner & Driving · Drôle de Drame · Echo Of Blue· Fist Of Vengeance· Five Wives, Three Secretaries & Me · The Adventures of Antoine Doinel: The Criterion Collection · Gamera 2: Advent Of Legion· Ghost of a Chance · A Girl Called Rosemary· Gladiator 7 · Gun Frontier #1: Hopalong Harlock· Heart: Alive in Seattle· Horrors Of The Black Museum · Icebreaker· Idol Project #2· Jessica: A Ghost Story · Junk· Kunoichi: Lady Ninja· Le Mans · Little Big Man · Living and Dying on Everest · Lockdown · Lone Wolf & Cub #1: Sword Of Vengeance· Magic Users Club: Magic Box· A Man Called Horse · Mr. Bean: The Whole Bean· My Dear Killer· The Naked Truth · Napoleon: The Myth, the Battles, the Legend· Patrick Still Lives · The Piglet Files· Rayearth · Rio Lobo · Son of the Beach: The Complete First Season · Suckerfish · Target Earth· They Call Me Bruce· Treasure Planet · Truth Or Dare: A Critical Madness· Two Weeks Notice · Walk Don’t Run· Werewolf Woman · The White Sheik: The Criterion Collection · Xena Warrior Princess: Season One· X-Men: Legend Of The Wolverine · Zatoichi #6: Zatoichi and the Chest of Gold · Zatoichi #7: Zatoichi’s Flashing Sword · Zatoichi #8: Fight, Zatoichi, Fight · The Zero Boys

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