Hey Kids! It’s Tuesday!!!And today looks especially sweet for fans of all stripes…Check out WB’s COLE PORTER GIFT SET including such classics as BROADWAY MELODY OF 1940, HIGH SOCIETY and KISS ME KATE among others…Maybe you would be more into the Xtreme surf do*censored*entary TO’: DAY OF DAYS, featuring Laird Hamiltons epic ride with an unparalleled Tahitian wave. How about the kick-ass Hayao Miyazaki set featuring SPIRITED AWAY, KIKI’S DELIVERY SERVICE and CASTLE IN THE SKY…Or maybe you’d be more inclined to kick back, relax and check out a duo of classic George Romero nuttiness with THE CRAZIES and TWO EVIL EYES…It’s all happening…Check it out here, and then get to shoppin’!!! · The Believer · Benny Hill’s World Tour: New York · Birth Rite· Bloody Sunday · Broadway Melody of 1940 · Carnosaur/Carnosaur 2· The Carpetbaggers· Castle In The Sky · CBGB: Punk from the Bowery · Cheyenne· Chinese Chocolate · Copper Canyon · Classical Musicals Collection: The Cole Porter Gift Set· The Crazies · The Crime of Padre Amaro · The Curse· Darkness Falls: Special Edition · Deadly Species · Destiny of a Man · Drug Wars: The Camarena Story · Les Girls · Gunfight at the O.K. Corral · Habitat· High Society · Hocus Pocus (Ren xia gui)· Ignition · Immediate Family· Kiki’s Delivery Service · Killing Spree· Kiss Me Kate · Livin’ tha Life · The Lonely Man · Mad About You: Season Two · Meat Puppets: Alive in the Nineties · Miyazaki 3-Pack· Necropolis Awakened· Nevada Smith · Once a Thief · Operation “Y” & Other Shurik’s Adventures · Props: Passport 2002: White Knuckle Extreme · Puppetry of the Penis · Queen Kong· Real Women Have Curves · Return To Snowy RIver· Robben Ford and the Blues Line – Live In Concert· Serial Killer Box Set (Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Ed Gein)· Silk Stockings · Speed Racer: Limited Edition· Spirited Away · Shane McGowan: If I Should Fall From Grace · Standing in the Shadows of Motown · Style Wars · To’: Day of Days · Two Evil Eyes · Wesley Wills: The Daddy of Rock and Roll · Young Guns: Special Edition

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