Anger Management Works

Adam and Jack = $$$What A Girl Wants is a Phone Booth to help in Bringing Down the House.She’ll probably only get A Man Apart. Woah! Jack and Adam score big over the weekend. Anger Management opened huge decimating the competition by bringing in more than the other 9 movies in the top ten combined. Phone Booth dropped a spot to second, while Amanda Bynes latest, What A Girl Wants ended up in the third. Bringing Down the House was in fourth this past weekend with A Man Apart falling just behind it.1. Anger Management (44.50m)2. Phone Booth (7.53m)3. What A Girl Wants (6.70m)4. Bringing Down The House (4.55m)5. A Man Apart (4.45m)6. Head Of State (3.99m)7. House Of 1,000 Corpses (3.40m)8. Chicago (3.29m)9. The Core (3.23m)10. Basic (2.20m)

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