Here is your DVD News for today, kids…How’s about a little of the LOONEY TUNES stuff?Maybe some Oscar nominees?DRIVE-IN legends?Some Foreign Classics?Erotica?Ahhhhhhhhhh…CHUBBCHUBBS!!?!??!?Well it’s all here in your DVD NEWS!!!!Read on Monkeyboy!! First thing – let’s check out the news from the Dubbuya Dubbuya Dubbaya Bee…Warner Home Entertainment is putting out the feelers to find out what you, the consumer, want to see in regards to new LOONEY TUNES releases. WB is looking for input on everything from packaging to content and extras. So if you are one of the bajillions of TUNES fans out there, check out this link to register your opinion… LOONEY TUNES SURVEYOptions being wieghed include THE LOONEY TUNES HIT REALITY which would contain 20 new cartoons spoofing the current reality show trend. THE BUGS BUNNY CARROT COLLECTION would include 14 classic Bugs Bunny shorts. THE LOONEY TUNES PREMIERE COLLECTION would include 28 restored and remastered all-time classics, and THE LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION would contain 60 (!) restored classics…Take your pick and make a difference…Other WB news includes deets on the upcoming 2-disc THE MISSION: SPECIAL EDITION, which will feature 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen, 5.1 DDS sound, a full-length do*censored*entary called PEOPLE ON A MISSION, film ‘highlights’, trailers, director commentary and interviews with cast and crew.Also revealed – full details on the upcoming GIANT: SPECIAL EDITION due on June 10. This is also a double-disc edition, featuring 1.66:1 AW transfer, 2.0 Surround, special introduction and commentary, 3 hours of do*censored*entary material, newsreels, production notes, filmographies and 3 still galleries.Warner Home Video has also announced a July 8 release for LA FEMME NIKITA: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON, and while I would assume that “COMPLETE FIRST SEASON” gives it away, I will clarify that this is the TV series, not the film. NIKITA will come in a 7-disc set, encapsulating all 22 first season eps in 1.78:1 AW and 2.0 Sound. Also included are audio commentaries, a featurette, deleted scenes still gallery and a collectible booklet.And last, but not least, comes word that Warners will release a DVD version of Kenneth Branaghs acclaimed version of HAMLET. Branagh revealed to PEOPLE.COM that the film is currently being prepped for release next spring.Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment has announced that it will release this years Best Animated Short Film, THE CHUBBCHUBBS! to DVD on April 11. Look for an Anamorphic Widescreen transfer, 5.1 DDS sound and a reduced price.And back on the list from CTHE, PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE is now set for a June 24 release. This will now be a Superbit Deluxe release, 2-discs with the feature presented in 2.35:1 AW and 5.1 DDS EX and DTS sound. Extras will include music videos, featurettes including alternate take footage, production artwork, 2 deleted scenes, 3 trailers and the “Mattress Man” commercial.In a surprising twist of fate, Image Entertainment (who is the distributor for Criterion and others) will release BODIES, REST AND MOTION on June 24. This is a set that was created to be part of the Criterion Collection, but now looks to be released in the same version, just without the C-brand… 1.85:1 AW and 5.1 DDS sound with audio commentaries, behind-the-scenes material, featurette and trailers.Speaking of Criterion…The Big C has 4 new titles on the way for that same June 24 release date. The highly acclaimed and devastatingly effective holocaust do*censored*entary NIGHT AND FOG comes in a 1.37:1 Fullscreen package with original mono sound and extras including interviews with do*censored*entarian Alain Resnais, essays and biographies of the crew.Rainer Fassbinders 1974 melodrama ALI: FEAR EATS THE SOUL, long thought to be an homage to Douglas Sirk, comes in a 1.37:1 transfer, original german mono sound, introduction by Todd Haynes and interviews with star Brigitte Mira. Other extras include 2 short films a 35 minute BBC do*censored*entary on NEW GERMAN CINEMA, an excerpt from Fassbinders THE AMERICAN SOLDIER and trailers.And from Italian auteur Ermanno Olmi comes both I FIDANZATI and the incomparable IL POSTO. Both films are presented in 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen with the original Mono Italian sound. Both contain essays and video interviews with Olmi. IL POSTO also includes deleted scenes.Universal Home Entertainment throws THE GURU at you on June 3. 1.85:1 AW and 5.1 DDS sound are accompanied by audio commentary, deleted scenes, still gallery and trailers.In other Uni news, May 6 brings about the new Deluxe edition of Pacino in SEA OF LOVE a long-underrated neo-noir thriller that has become a late-night TV staple. LOVE gets a new 1.85:1 AW transfer, 2.0 Surround audio, commentaries, THE CREATION OF SEA OF LOVE featurette, trailers and deleted scenes.Also getting the Deluxe treatment from Universal is COAL MINERS DAUGHTER. Also presented in 1.85:1 AW and with only Mono sound, this one also features 3 featurettes, interviews with director Michael Apted and Lorettea Lynn, trailers and audio commentary from Sissy Spacek.Other 80’s hits coming from Uni include the cult hit CARWASH and the Jane Fonda/Robert Redford flick THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN, both with new AW transfers and remastered sound. Also on the list is the Rock Hudson fave COME SEPTEMBER in 2.35:1 AW and Mono sound.Universal has also announce that it’s big Oscar winner, THE PIANIST will street on May 27. Separate Fullscreen and AW versions will be available, with extras including trailers, TV spot, Soundtrack promo, cast and crew bios, production notes and a featurette entitled THE STORY OF SURVIVAL rumored to delve into Polanskis own experiences relating to the holocaust.Buena Vista Home Entertainment have finally released full specs on the Scorcese epic GANGS OF NEW YORK, hitting the streets running on July 1. The 2-discer will feature the full 166 minute theatrical cut of the film in 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen with 5.1 DDS and DTS sound mixes. Extras include 5 featurettes including HISTORY OF THE FIVE POINTS and segments on set design and costume design. Also included is the full-length Discovery Channel do*censored*entary ONCOVERING THE REAL GANGS OF NEW YORK, the U2 “Hands That Built America” video, trailers and an audio commentary by Scorcese.In other BVHE news, the Wes Craven ‘presentation’ THEY will hit shelves on June 10 with an AW transfer, 5.1 DDS sound, alternate ending, trailers and a featurette.And from the Disney end of BVHE, get it geared up for the one, the only, THE LOVE BUG! on May 20. Herbie comes to you in a THX certified AW transfer and 5.1 DDS sound and tons and tons of extras… including commentary from Dean “Shaggy D.A.” Jones, Buddy Hackett and Michelle Lee! Other extras include 6 featurettes, 2 additional shorts including HERBIE ON THE ROCKS, deleted scenes, the 1969 Disney Studio Album, 2 still galleries, screenplay segment, radio spots, trailers and the animated short SUSIE THE LITTLE BLUE COUPE. MGM has announced another spate of “Drive-In” classics for August 26. Included in this ultra-cool cult lineup? THE HOWLING, RAW MEAT (DEATH LINE), BURNT OFFERINGS, THE GHOUL: 70th ANNIVERSARY EDITION, CLOWNHOUSE, I, MADMAN, SQUIRM, ONCE BITTEN with Jim Carrey, and double features of POLTERGEIST 2/ POLTERGEIST 3, TROLL/ TROLL 2 and GHOULIES/ GHOULIES 2. Also set for August 26 are some kick-ass “Drive-In Double Features”…COUNTESS DRACULA/ THE VAMPIRE LOVERS, THE HAUNTED PALACE/ TOWER OF LONDON, THE TOMB OF LIGEIA/ AN EVENING OF EDGAR ALLAN POE: LIGEIA and in the most exciting package… COMEDY OF TERRORS with the immortal classic THE RAVEN. Very very very very cooooooooooool…Lion’s Gate Home Entertainment has announced that they will release the much anticipated THE DEAD ZONE: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON to DVD for June 17. Episodes will be presented in their original 1.78:1 Anamorphic Widescreen ratio and 5.1 DDS sound. Extras will include Effects featurettes, “Collector’s Packaging” and interviews with cast, crew and the shows creators, Micheal and Shawn Piller.Also Lion’s Gate, and filling out their new “Signature” line, are SONGCATCHER, CHINESE BOX and Todd Solondz controversial indie hit HAPPINESS. All of these titles come in AW transfers with remastered audio, featurettes, commentaries, filmographies, trailers and more.And finally, from LGHE, June 17 sees the reclamation of several Lion’s Gate titles that were previously licensed to Universal. Unfortunately, these are the exact same versions as the previous editions, with only cover art being modified… (Of course, it may mean a reduced price on those Uni editions if you can find them…) THE BIG KAHUNA, BUFFALO 66, GODS AND MONSTERS, WHAT’S COOKING, SHOT and the creepily hilarious satire, SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE.And last, but not least today, Anchor Bay Entertainment has announced yet another underground fave coming to DVD in an Anchor Bay Special Edition…May 13 will see Anchor Bay release a 3-disc box set entitled THE EMMANUELLE COLLECTION collecting EMMANUELLE, EMMANUELLE 2 and GOOD-BYE EMMANUELLE in one exciting Erotica set. Each film is presented in a new AW transfer and the set also includes extras like a 3-part do*censored*entary, interview with star Sylvia Kristel, still galleries, trailers, radio spots, bios and an 8-page liner-note booklet. Sexy!That’s all for today, ladies and germs…But stay tuned for more madness and mayhem in the days , months and years to come…Axel

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