We’re Turning 2 – It’s Coming!

Something big is on the way here at EyeCraveDVD.comThis Tuesday we’re turning 2. That’s right, we’ve been around to provide you with DVD News, Reviews, and well, whatever else we do here for the past 24 months.To celebrate this special occasion we’ll be having some contests for DVDs, Posters, and EyeCraveDVD: Gear running throughout the week.That’s not all though. We’ll be launching something new – something big – something extraordinary on Tuesday.IT’S COMING. BY GAWD IT’S COMING! Now, let us look back and reflect upon the highlight of what happened in the past year shall we…- AxelH (evilaxel) joined the team. Providing you, the reader, with more reviews, more news than ever before.- We broke not only 100 DVD review, but we also passed 200 reviews.- We moved our reviews into a database driven system.- EyeCraveDVD: Gear made its first appearance.- We brought on more reviewers- AxelH scored an invite to an early screening of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers as member of the press. (early review)- We posted over 320 news stories.- We were sent our first piece of Hardware to review. (MaxView Cinema Kit)- EyeCraveDVD.com won an Award. Golden Web Award for “web design, originality and content having achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.”- We received our first reader mail- We had a baby. I guess I should say my wife had our baby girl and future reviewer, Talia, on December 4, 2002.This coming year we plan to offer you more goodie and more fun. That’s a Guarantee!Come back Tuesday to see what new marvels will be awaiting you.

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