TUESDAY, BABY!!!!You know what that means…ROGER RABBIT!!STRAW DOGS in a Criterion package?!!!JACKASS!!FUTURAMA!!!A whole pantload of Kung Fu classics, wicked Anime and Horror-ific gore!!!And, could it be true?SWEEEEEEET SASSY MOLLASSY!!!THE FIST OF THE NORTH STAR!!!  18 Bronze Girls/18 Golden Destroyers Alucarda Beginning of the End: Special Edition  Berserk #5 Black Angel Collection Black Demons (Demons 3) Blood Harvest By Brakhage: The Criterion Collection  The Butcher (Le Boucher)  The Claude Chabrol Collection  Crime Scene  CSI: The Complete First Season  The Day of the Nightmare/The Scream of the Butterfly Dementia 13 (3D DVD)  Do Or Die Dragonball Z: Perfect Cell Box Set Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog  Femme Fatale  Fiend Fight Among The Superstars/Ninja Fantasy Fist Of The Double K/Kung Fu Stars Fist Of The North Star Flashback: The Past Is Killer Fruits Basket  Futurama: Season One Genesis Climber Mospeada: Box Set  George Carlin: Back in Town  Ghost Ship (March 28) Hard Hunted Hello Kitty’s Paradise: Volume 4 Home to Roost Horrors Of The Black Museum  Hostage Negotiator  The Howards of Virginia  I’m With Lucy  In the Cold of the Night  Innocents with Dirty Hands  Jackass: The Movie: Special Collector’s Edition  Jamie Foxx Unleashed: Lost, Stolen and Leaked!  Killing Me Softly (R rated and unrated versions available) Kimba: Volumes 1 &2 Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave/Chinese Vampire La Rupture Lady Jayne: Killer Les Biches Lexx: Series 4, Volume 2 The Lone Ranger: Box Set Lust In The Mummy’s Tomb Maid in Manhattan  Magic Knights Rayearth: #6 to #12 (Separate releases) Mahoromatic: Automatic Maiden #2: Haunting Past Nada  The New Women Ninja Academy  Policewomen Porn Star: The Legend Of Ron Jeremy The Psycho Lover/Heat of Madness  Rahxephon: Orchestration1 – Threshold The Rules: Special Edition  Samurai X: Volume 4 – Reflection Scarecrow (2002) Secret Agent: Set 6 Secret Agent X-9 Sergeant Cribb  Sex and Lucia  The Sherlock Holmes Feature Film Collection Sights, Frights And Tights 3-Pack Spasmo  Straw Dogs: The Criterion Collection  Ten Days’ Wonder  Tom Green: Subway Monkey Hour Tomb Raiders/Godfather’s Daughter  Troop Beverly Hills  The Unfaithful Wife (La Femme Infidele)  This Man Must Die  Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women Werewolf Woman Who Framed Roger Rabbit?: Vista Series The Wind  Witchunter X: Volume 5 Yellow Hair And The Fortress Of Gold

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