HERE I AM!ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE!!How’s about a little DVD News for ya, kids?I know it’s been a while, and I’ve missed you too, but we all have to be strong in these times of aggressive negotiation and pre-invasive manuevers and whatnot…But to take your mind off of the world-at-large, check out some news on…DAREDEVIL!!!DIE ANOTHER DAY!!!CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!!!ADAPTATION… DUNE… BEN STILLER…Or, how about some CHARLIE’S ANGELS?!?!!REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES?I know some of you are just wanting a little pianist…WELL, READ ON! MONKEYBOY!! Yes, it has been a looooooong week since last we spoke of DVD news. All of this shake, rattle and rollin’… this movin’ and a groovin’… But now all has been set right and the stage is set for another edition of your DVD News!!!First up today, Buena Vista Home Entertainment/Disney Studios news…At the top, BVHE has just announced a 1st of July release date for the Scorcese juggernaut GANGS OF NEW YORK. Just in time for the 4th of July, no specs have been released, and I would imagine that the depth of those extras will be decided on the day after Oscars…Also just announced by the Mouse House, a veritable wellspring of catalogue faves on May 20. Look for the debuts of THE LOVE BUG and THE RESCUERS, as well as Gold Edition reissues of past DVD winners THE ARISTOCATS, THE RESCUERS DOWN UNDER, PETE’S DRAGON, THE ROOKIE and, one of my recent favorites… HERCULES. And don’t forget that TOY STORY, TOY STORY 2 and the TOY STORY: TOY BOX and TOY STORY 2-Pack sets will all go back into the vault with Uncle Walt’s head on April 15.In Fox Home Entertainment news…Word on “the street” is that Fox will unleash their recent superhero smash with DAREDEVIL: SPECIAL EDITION on June 10. This is a tentative date, and could also see the studio release it’s 2002 Clooney/Soderbergh redux of SOLARIS. Rest assured the deets will follow as released by Fox.Also on the Foxy side of Home Vid, two looooooooong awaited Coen Brothers classics (the only two NOT available on DVD!) Will hit the shelves on May 20. BARTON FINK and the incredible Gangster drama MILLER’S CROSSING will both feature new Anamorphic Widescreen transfers and 5.1 DDS sound. BARTON FINK will feature trailers and 8 deleted scenes, MILLER’S CROSSING will feature trailers and interviews with cast members Gabriel Byrne, John Turturro and Marcia Gay Harden. Neither will have commentary by the bros., but nothing new there, right?!Also on the Fox lists for May 20 – 300 SPARTANS, THE BIG TRAIL, BRUBAKER, COMANCHEROS, FLIGHT OF THE PHEONIX THE HOT ROCK, THE LONG HOT SUMMER, THE UNDEFEATED, NORTH TO ALASKA and FROM THE TERRACE.Fox also has BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON in the works for June 10. This is another 6-discer, with features including scripts, episode specific commentaries, 4 featurettes and 2 still galleries. Presented in a controversial 4:3 Fullscreen with 2.0 Surround.Also look for KING OF THE HILL: SEASON ONE on June 24. Details on that one as soon as they’re finished baking…Trimark Home Video has announced a release for Indie what-if MAX on May 20. The fictional account of a young Adolph Hitler and his lost promise as an avant-garde painter stars John Cusack and Noah Taylor. This controversial drama has won mixed reviews from critics and crowds alike. Presented in an Anamorphic Widescreen transfer with 5.1 DDS sound and extras including trailers and an audio commentary by director Menno Meyjes.Trimark also has AMERICAN MULLET, EDGE CITY and MARINES set for a May 27 release.Paramount Home Video isn’t nicknamed “The Mountain” for nothing. Towering over the entire industry right now, is the prospect of an INDIANA JONES TRILOGY release for late in the year. While rumors have circulated – here, there and everywhere – nothing has been officially announced. The latest slip came from INDY scripter Lawrence Kasdan who mentioned, in an interview with IN FOCUS magazine, that producer Frank Marshall IS hard at work on compiling the series for a Fall release. Details are still very sketchy, but as soon as we know – you know…Also on the Paramount Home Video horizon, but at least in fully-visible mode, STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE 9 is ready for docking in your collection. Release dates for the rest of the series are as follows…SEASON 2 – April 1SEASON 3 – June 3SEASON 4 – August 5SEASON 5 – October 4SEASON 6 – November 4SEASON 7 – December 2Details on a Season by Season level have not been established, but we will keep you apprised.Dreamworks Home Entertainment has set May 6 as the release date for the $150 Million Spielberg hit CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. This 2-disc set will be available in separate Fullscreen or AW releases, with 5.1 DDS and DTS sound options. 6 Featurettes, including segments on the real Frank Abagnale Jr. and the FBI agents who chased him down, are joined by still galleries, filmographies, trailers and production notes. I also have it on good authority that the DVD menus will feature new animation in the trippy 60’s kitsch style of the film’s opening credits.What about MGM, you say? MGM Home Entertainment has announced Super Extra Special editions of the John Woo war epic WINDTALKERS and Kevin Costner’s Oscar-heavy DANCES WITH WOLVES.WINDTALKERS will be presented as a 3-disc (!!!) Special Edition, featuring a new cut of he film, re-inserting over twenty minutes of deleted footage. Also look for an introduction by John Woo, 3 audio commentaries – John Woo and producer Terence Chang; Nicholas Cage and Christian Slater; Roger Willie and consultant and real “Windtalker” Albert Smith. Disc 2 will feature 2 full-length documentaries on the true-life Navajo Code Talkers and a featurette on the music of the film. Disc 3 will feature multi-angle scene breakdowns, a featurette on the “Boot Camp” that the actors were put through, as well as a “Boot Camp Diary”. Also on Disc 3 are a photo gallery, filmographies and trailers. This one streets on May 20.DANCES WITH WOLVES also arrives on May 20 as a “Directors Cut” (currently available on Laserdisc), and will also be a 3-discer. Discs 1 and 2 will contain the film in it’s extended version (224 minutes, as opposed to the 183 minute Theatrical running time) in Anamorphic Widescreen with 5.1 DDS sound, along with commentary from Costner and editor Steve Potter. Disc 3 will contain all of the other features which will include a new full-length documentary, a featurette, a music video, TV spots, trailers, photo galleries and a poster gallery.MGM has also announced a June 3 release date for the latest James Bond actioner, DIE ANOTHER DAY. The flick will be available in separate AW and Pan N’ Scan versions, but no specs have been released. Stay tuned…In other MGM news, announced April releases – HOW TO GET AHEAD IN ADVERTISING and CHECKING OUT have been cancelled. Also the April 22 release of the controversial Michael Moore documentary BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE has been indefinitely postponed. Don’t ask me why! They just did…Other MGM titles coming up include4 THE HOUSE ON CARROLL STREET, SLAM DANCE and SEVEN HOURS TO JUDGEMENT all on June 6.Columbia Tristar has a whack of announcements on the boards, starting with Oscar darling ADAPTATION from the Spike Jonze/Charlie Kaufman team that brought us BEING JOHN MALKOVICH. Streeting on (you guessed it…) May 20, ADAPTATION will be a Superbit title, with an Anamorphic Widescreen transfer 5.1 DDS and DTS, but no extras. Plans are rumored to be in effect for a “Special Edition” if it cleans up at the Oscars, so keep your eyes on us for more deets.Also from CTHE on May 20, look for MURDER IN GREENWICH, AVENGING ANGELO, BELLE EPOQUE, FAMILY BUSINESS and BEAUTIFUL THING.May 13, CTHE brings the Pedro Almodovar arthouse hit TALK TO HER to domestic Home Video shores. AW with 5.1 DDS, audio commentary and trailers.Also May 13, look for the STV feature BORDERLINE starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Gina Gershon and Michael Biehn. This one involves a psychiatrist, her murdered ex-husband and the criminally insane ex-con who wants to be her boyfriend…Widescreen with 5.1 DDS sound and trailers for extras. CTHE also has Chow Yun Fat starring in FULL CONTACT. Directed by Ringo Lam, this one deals with the usual “Crime and punishment in Hong Kong” motif, when the Fat man gets happy-go-jacky on some double-crossing ex-buddies. Widescreen and Fullscreen selectable, with original Cantonese or English dubbing. May 13, Baby!! CTHE has a new 2-disc “Special Edition” version of the Richard Gere thriller THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES ready for debut the end of May. A 2.35:1 AW transfer and 5.1 DDS sound will be accompanied by audio commentary, a full-length documentary on the phenomena that inspired the film, 2 featurettes on the film, 5 deleted scenes, a music video and trailers. May 27.CTHE is also revisiting the big-screen CHARLIE’S ANGELS just in time to capitalize on the upcoming sequel. This one will be a Superbit Deluxe version, with all of the same extras as the current release slipped onto a second disc to make way for a full Superbit version of the film on Disc 1. The only new addition is a DTS track on the film, but lost in the shuffle is the audio commentary by director McG, which will NOT be included. Also on May 27 from CTHE, look for indie fave LOVE LIZA, Martin Lawrence/Steve Zahn bomb NATIONAL SECURITY(Did this even come out in theatres?), and the long awaited DVD release of MISSISSIPPI MASALA.On to the dubbaya dubbaya dubbuya beeeeeeee…Warner Home Video has a couple of interesting tidbits on the horizon, including more deets on that THE BEN STILLER SHOW compilation due June 3. As previously mentioned, this 2-discer will present all 12 episodes of the short-lived series, plus a bonus episode which never aired. Extras will include more unaired sketches, 7 commentary tracks with the cast (including Stiller, Andy Dick, Janeane Garofalo, and Bob “Mr.Show” Odenkirk), 10 outtakes, an E! BEHIND THE SCENES special, alternate versions of the pilot episode, a “special commentary” easter egg on the MELROSE HEIGHTS segment and the BRIEF HISTORY OF THE BEN STILLER SHOW featurette. Cool. Very, very cool.Also look for WB’s presentation of the HBO film REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES, the highly acclaimed latino dramedy about a young woman on the verge. 1.33:1 Fullscreen with 5.1 DDS sound and extras including 2 commentary tracks, an additional scene, English and Spanish featurettes and cast and crew bios. This triple Sundance Award winner is well worth checking out on April 22.Also on deck from the WB is the HBO flick HYSTERICAL BLINDNESS starring Uma Thurman, Juliette Lewis and Gena Rowlands. 1.33:1 Fullscreen with 5.1 DDS audio. Commentary from director Mira Nair, cats and crew interviews and cast and crew bios fill out the set. Uma won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of a 30 year-old single mother, a Jersey girl stuck in the 80’s. This one is worth a look if just for the soundtrack and big-ass hair…Universal Home Video has yet another Best Picture nominee on the release list. April 15 is the day for all of you Polanski fans to grab your pianist and take it for a whirl. THE PIANIST will be available in separate Fullscreen and Anamorphic Widescreen transfers, and other details have yet to be announced. I’m sure their pianist will be very nice, once they are ready to show it to us… (Oh Stop!)Also on the Uni list, when they’re not playing with their pianist, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 2, the Dana Carvey laughfest OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS and the vastly underrated Bruce Campbell classic MC HALE’S NAVY. All on June 3. PIANIST, PIANIST, PIANIST!!In other studio news, Anchor Bay has finally slipped us a few deets on their much anticipated XENA THE WARRIOR PRINCESS: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON set. All eps will be presented in the original Fullscreen with 5.1 DDS sound. Extras will include trivia, cast and crew bios, a photo gallery and the XENA CHRONICLES featurettes. Also included will be a mail in contest for DVD purchasers. A very cool Grand Prize is the actual “Golden Sword Of Xena” which is valued at $100,000. Holy Pianist! Check it out, April 29.Lions Gate has THE PILOT’S WIFE on May 6, and GACY and THE LONG RIDE HOME on May 13.David Lynch fans can finally get their hands on the Holy Grail of Lynch films – ERASERHEAD (Thought I was gonna say pianist, didn’tcha?).Check out davidlynch.com for more deets and ordering info.Wellspring will release the RAN: MASTERWORKS EDITION on April 15. This much sought after DVD was previously only available as a special offer from Amazon.Com. This piece of Kurosawa magnificence will be presented in Anamorphic Widescreen, 5.1 DDS sound (Japanese with English subs) and will also contain a restoration demo, a video trailer, a European theatrical trailer, production notes, commentaries and weblinks.Artisan has announced that they will be releasing the acclaimed documentary STANDING IN THE SHADOWS OF MOTOWN on April 22. Presented in AW with 5.1 DDS and 6.1 DTS ES sound options. Extras will include deleted scenes, audio commentary and more. But lemme tell ya, I saw this one, and it is a must for anyone who is a fan of Motown…Also on the Artisan list is the SciFi Channel production of CHILDREN OF DUNE on, yes, May 20… This will be AW with 5.1 DDS sound, but no other details have been revealed to us…The big C, Criterion has announced it’s new up n’ comers, which include Derek Jarman’s JUBILEE, Schlondorff’s COUP DE GRACE and the Henri Georges Clouzot classic QUAI DES OFEVRES on May 27. Most importantly, Criterion will add the next of their top-notch Kurosawa releases – THRONE OF BLOOD. This one will get the full-boat Criterion treatment, with 2 subtitle translations, notes on the subtitling by the translators, the original theatrical trailer, an essay by Stephen Prince and audio commentary by Kurosawa expert Michael Jeck. Wicked, wicked good.And finally, from our pals at MPI, look for DARK SHADOWS: SET 5 on April 29 and DARK SHADOWS: SET 6 on June 24. Barnabas Collins – king of the undead pianists…I had to get one more pianist in there – OH!Till next time,Axel

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