A World Of Change

We’re doing some upgrades to help you enjoy your experience @ EyeCraveDVD.com a little better.I bet you’d like to know what we’re working on right? Well, if you do just click on read more to see what amazing advancements await you in the future here at EyeCraveDVD.com Over the next little while you may notice that reviews are disappearing without a trace. No the evil technology gremlins aren’t eating them. We’re methodically moving them into our newly developed *database driven system and we’re deleting the old files for those DVD Reviews as we go.Also, we’ve added banners the top of the page. We promise that we will attempt to avoid pop-ups as much as possible. There are, however, times that will force us the put them up. We apologize in advance.In the coming month we’ll be making our DVD Release Dates section bigger and better. We’re going to lay it out with cover art and specs for each title each week as we get the info.Last but not least – On our list of things to do we’ll be adding a comment system to the DVD and Movie Reviews. That’s right, as a registered member of EyeCraveDVD.com you’ll have the privilege to yell at us or praise us on our reviews.Stay tuned!* DB system developed by Hastie’s Head

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