… Nekkid Anna Kournikova, a box of DVD’s and a bottle of Courvoisier

Okay, maybe just the DVD’s… for now…

Here’s your DVD News for December 20…

Only 5 shopping days left, and already we’re getting announcements for March…

The latest CRITERION and WARNER announcements

GOOD TIMES and John Carpenter…

GOOD TIMES is here at last!
Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment has announced that the groundbreaking 70’s sitcom GOOD TIMES will be released as a first-season set on february 4. The 2-disc set will include 13 episodes of Evans family goodness in the original fullscreen aspect ratio, with remastered audio and scant extras. Still – It’s Florida, James and J.J. “DYN-O-MITE!” Evans. Hallelujah!!

Warner Home Video has announced the upcoming release of FRIENDS: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON. The set will be in all ways comparable to the previous two season sets, with 4:3 fullscreen episodes and 5.0 Dolby Surround. That means to expect audio commentary from the produceers on select episodes, but also look for an interactive map of Joey and Chandler’s apartment, a FRIENDS guestbook and a trivia challenge. April 1.

Also from WB, look for two former Oscar heavy ‘modern classics’. First up is the February 4 Special Edition single-disc release of DRIVING MISS DAISY featuring 1.85:1 AW, a 2.0 Dolby surround audio mix, filmmaker commentary, a 1989 making-of featurette as well as 2 new segments, trailers, stills and an Awards list.

Following up on February 18 is Big Steve’s THE COLOR PURPLE, also with a new 1.85:1 AW transfer, 5.1 DDS sound, a multiple-segment do*censored*entary, production and publicity photo galleries and trailers.

Criterion has announced a trio of March 11 releases including the video compilation BY BRANKHAGE – AN ANTHOLOGY, Bresson’s LES DAMES DU BOIS DE BOULOGNE and a new package for the Sam Pekinpah rvenge classic STRAW DOGS. Stay tuned for the deets when they come available.

Image Entertainment has announced a March 11 date for the John Carpenter flick ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13. This will be a new “Special Edition” set with a 2.35:1 Anamorphic Widescreen transfer, 5.1 DDS sound, Carpenter audio commentary, a videotape interview with John Carpenter and the films star Austin Stoker, isolated score, stills and advertising material, radio spots and the theatrical trailer.

Now I wouldn’t expect too much in the way of release news in the next two weeks. But rest assured, I’ll be keeping the EYE out for any news on the horizon, and we at ECDVD will still be open for bidness throughout the holidays.


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