Here’s an update to the BACK TO THE FUTURE TRILOGY framing issue…

There seems to be a few tiny glitches…

There have been numerous problems reported with the framing on BTTF 2 and 3.

Below is a statement from Universal Studios Home Video regarding the “Back to the Future Trilogy.”

Universal Studios Home Video is aware of a minor technical framing issue on the “Back to the Future Trilogy” widescreen DVDs. The framing appears differently from the laserdisc releases for approximately two minutes during “Back to the Future II” and four minutes during “Back to the Future III.”

The framing difference is unnoticeable to widescreen DVD viewers and does not detract from or interrupt the viewing experience. Consumers with further questions can call (888) 703-0010.

So, evidently the problem is only with fullscreen versions…

Universal Home Video has announced that they will fix the framing problems and repress the discs for future shipment.

Universal will provide corrected versions to those who have already purchased the set. Consumers will need to send the discs back to Universal at their own expense.

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