Here are some new eeeeeeexcellent (much finger tapping) eggs for y’all’s week-end viewing pleasure.A little BABYLON 5, a touch of TRANSFORMERS, a couple stripes of SOUTH PARK SEASON 1,and yes, Virginia, we’ve got some SANTA CLAUSE…BOOOO-YA! BABYLON 5: COMPLETE FIRST SEASONMoved to the Easter Egg sectionSOUTH PARK – SEASON 1On Disc 3 – Go to Special Features and highlight CABLE ACE AWARDS. Arrow right to highlight Damien’s eyes. Enter to see him vex poor Kenny.Also on Disc 3 – From the Main Menu go to Languages. At the bottom of the screen are a collection of possible fathers for Cartman. Select one and press enter to hear Eric’s comments.There are also some mini-eggs animation style!On Disc One – Go to Languages. Highlight Espanol and arrow left. Wendy’s mouth turns red and her eyes will close. Press Enter. On Disc Two – Go to Languages. Highlight Espanol and arrow left. Death’s hand turns blue. Press Enter.THE SANTA CLAUSE – SPECIAL EDITIONPlay the mini-game where you play Santa and have to deliver presents. If you can win the game, you will be treated to a SILLY SYMPHONIES cartoon – THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS.TRANSFORMERS – SEASON 1On the Special Features Disc – Select OUTTAKES AND ANOMALIES. Arrow right until the Decepticon logo appears. Enter to hear the Japanese version of the Transformers theme song.

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