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The least likely of films to take the box office top spot was able to pull it off. Jackass: The Movie was able to conquer all over the weekend. The Ring dropped one spot to second, while the other newcomer this week, Ghost Ship, opened in third. Sweet Home Alabama took fourth spot in its fifth week. Again, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is still going strong taking in another 6.3 million in its 28th week.

See how the rest did. 1. Jackass: The Movie (22.70m)
2. The Ring (18.79m)
3. Ghost Ship (11.71m)
4. Sweet Home Alabama (6.43m)
5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding (6.32m)
6. Red Dragon (4.72m)
7. Punch-Drunk Love (3.50m)
8. Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie (2.90m)
9. The Transporter (2.85m)
10. Brown Sugar (2.77m)

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