Tuesday, once again!

And what a Tuesday it promises to be…

Yes, today is the day for you Austin Powers fans, for you Walt Disney freaks…

But check out the INSANE wealth of Catalogue excellence coming to your friendly neighborhood DVD shop…

Check it out! I got yer list right here…

 The Adventures of Pinocchio
 Akira – Movie Only Version
 Alphabet City
 The Amazing Howard Hughes
 Antonia’s Line
 Austin Powers in Goldmember – Infinifilm Series
 Bad Influence
 Behind the Scenes at the Walt Disney Studios: Walt Disney Treasures Limited Edition
 Black Christmas
 Blue Steel
 Body of Evidence
 The Children’s Hour
 Company Business
 The Complete Goofy: Walt Disney Treasures Limited Edition
 Criminal
 Dead of Winter
 Dreamers
 The Duellists
 The Frightened City
 Handgun
 Happy Times
 Hell is a City
 Infinity
 A Kiss Before Dying
 Last Run
 Legend of the Lost
 Lilo & Stitch
 Miami Blues
 Mickey Mouse in Black and White: Walt Disney Treasures Limited Edition
 My Girl 2
 Party Girl
 The Producers
 The Road to Hong Kong
 Rush
 Season on the Brink
 Serpico
 Slayground
 Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season Six
 State of Grace
 The Thief of Bagdad
 The Three Stooges: Outlaws Is Coming
 War and Peace (1956)
 Where Sleeping Dogs Lie
 Where’s Poppa?
 The Whistle Blower

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