Are you itching for an Indiana Jones fix to tide you over till the DVD’s can finally grace your shelves?

Are you waiting in breathless anticipation of the next big Indy?!?!?!

Have we got a link for you!!!!!!

Indiana Jones tribute site THERAIDER.NET has posted some very interesting tidbits, that have just mysteriously surfaced after 20 years…

How very odd.

Almost as if someone wanted us all to get excited about the Ol’ Whip and Fedora???

Anyhoo, Disciples of the Doctor rejoice!!

Sneak on over to THERAIDER.NET to see outlines of scenes that were deleted from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK – this includes stills of the scenes!!!

Then get ready for Lucasfilm and Steven Spielberg to make their big announcement sometime in the near future, I’m sure…

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