SEARCH FOR SPOCK coming October 22!!

Some Dudes in a big spaceship…This one guy is really serious and has big ears…There’s this cranky doctor…RING ANY BELLS??? Hot on the heels of STAR TREK:THE MOTION PICTURE, and THE WRATH OF KAHN (which is due out Aug.6), Paramount Home Entertainment has announced the third episode of the big-screen saga for an October 22 release. Where the first two films are “Directors cuts” with restored footage, SEARCH will be a “Special Edition” – No extra footage, but infinite quadrants of extras.The film itself will be presented on DVD with an anamorphic widescreen transfer and audio in Dolby Digital 5.1 and the original Dolby Surround. There will also be a newly recorded audio commentary featuring director Leonard Nimoy, writer and producer Harve Bennett, director of photography Charles Correll and actress Robin Curtis. Text commentary with Mike and Denise Okuda will provide technical insight into the film. Disc two will contain five featurettes on the production of the film; Captain’s Log discusses the film with new interviews from the cast, Terraforming and the Prime Directive looks at the real NASA scientists working towards the ideas of the Genesis device. Space Docks and Birds of Prey looks at the slight updating of the look for Star Trek III, and the introduction of the famed Klingon ship, Klingon and Vulcan Costumes explores the daunting costume design work for the film and Speaking Klingon. Add Storyboards, an intensive photo gallery and a theatrical trailer and you’ve got yourself a Starfleet sized super-package.Live long and prosper, baby!!!

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