Month: September 2011

First Rule of Book Club? Captain Nemo could kick your ASS!

Word around the campfire is that there’s competing films being prepped based on the character of Captain Nemo, from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (as well as The Mysterious Island), including one to quite possibly be helmed by McG. This week’s book report comes courtesy of the good folks at Titan Books who have just rereleased Kevin J. Anderson’s Captain Nemo: The Fantasti...[Read More]

Synapse Films raises FRANKENHOOKER from the dead November 8!

One of my favorite 80’s video classics is returning to home video on November 8, care of the good folks at Synapse Films – Frank Henenlotter’s amazing and hilarious FRANKENHOOKER! SYNAPSE FILMS PRESENTS Frank Henenlotter’s cult classic puts the blue flesh in Blu-ray with this feast of fiendish 42nd Street fleshpots! “If you only see one movie this year, it should...[Read More]

The Exterminator (1980)

Release Date: September 13, 2011Running time: 102Rated: NRDirected by: James GlickenhausStarring: Robert Ginty, Christopher George, Samantha EggarStudio: Synapse Films Movie Review Following the success of Marty Scorcese’s Taxi Driver and the 1974 Charles Bronson revenge flick Death Wish, vigilante films became a mainstay of the B-movie circuit, with few of the knockoffs being as worthy of remembr...[Read More]

Book Report: The Siege of Trencher’s Farm (Straw Dogs)

Time to break out something new here on ECN, book reviews! Some of you may aware that I, myself, have dabbled in bookery… so when Titan Books offered us a peek at the first reprint of Gordon M. Willams’ thriller “The Siege of Trencher’s Farm” in damn near 40 years, how could I say no? Especially considering that this is the book that cinematic legend Sam Peckinpah use...[Read More]

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