Month: June 2010

Why a del Toro-free Hobbit is a Bad Thing

For many, the news that Guillermo del Toro had to step away from the beleaguered Hobbit films was just another strike in a long line of bad news. In fact, it now looks like MGM’s recent financial woes have relegated the film, along with the next James Bond and god knows what else, to production hell.

Possible ‘Captain America’ Teaser Poster

The fine folks over at received an image from a new tipster who claims the image inside is the first teaser poster from the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger movie. What do you think: Legit or a great piece of fan artwork? Source: JoBlo

July is for ‘The Losers’

I wanted to see The Losers in theatre. However, I missed my chance as it was only in town for a week… I think. In fact, I can’t even be certain it did open here. However, come July I’ll get my change. Check it out…

‘Clash of the Titans’ Comes Home in July

Release the KRAKEN… on Blu-ray and DVD. That’s what Warner Home Video plans to do this coming July. Check out the sell sheet inside. Yup. Own Clash of the Titans on July 27th, 2010.

Jeremy Renner Aims for ‘The Avengers’

Seems as thought that little rumour back in late November / early December may be true after all. The web was swirling when it was announced that The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner might be joining The Avengers as Hawkeye. THR’s Heat Vision blog is reporting that he is in final negotiations to play the masked archer. Renner himself talked about the character and Marvel: “They sold me on the ...[Read More]

Chris Evans as ‘Captain America’ Concept Art

Earlier we posted the concept images from Thor. I wasn’t all that impressed with those, but, the ones of Chris Evans as Captain America… oh ya! Truth, Justice, and the American way are all present in these images. Now, these images are confirmed as legit by Ain’t It Cool News. This is Chris Evans in what will most likely be the final Captain America costume. Head over to AICN to ...[Read More]

‘Thor’ Concept Art is Meh

I know we’ve all been waiting for images of Chris Hemsworth as Thor and a few weeks back we got a teaser of the Norse god. Well, some concept images of Chris have hit the web and I’m not all that impressed. While I”m optimistic that the movie will be great these photos do not provide me with 100% confidence in their choice for Thor. The nice thing about the photos is that it prov...[Read More]

Exclusive: FreeRunner Images

We just received exclusive images for a Canadian production called FreeRunner. The film stars Canadian actor James Preston Rogers and is written and directed by John Stead. I wasn’t able to find out the plot, but I’m sure we’ll get more as this develops. For now, check out the stills of JPR as Strund.

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