Month: December 2009

Eye Crave Network and Disqus

You might be getting some emails from Disqus about posting a comment at Eye Crave Network. I’ve switched comment systems and unfortunately cannot automatically import the comments. I’ve had to do it the hard way and import each comment 1 at a time. Do not fret, I’m not spamming you, or selling your info, it’s just an easier way for me to maintain and manage the comments.

New ‘Inception’ Trailer

Christopher Nolan’s (Dark Knight) latest mind bending film is slated to hit the big screen on July 16, 2010, and now you can see the latest teaser for Inception. The movie stars Leonardo Dicaprio, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Cillian Murphy. Not much is known about the plot as of yet other than that it takes place within the architecture of the mind. W...[Read More]

‘Karate Kid’ Trailer Waxes On…line

When news of yet another reboot of an 80’s film hit the web the fanboys went a little insane and wrote off the movie before any footage could be seen. Something that’s all too familiar in this hi-tech world we live in. Decisions are made before anything to base an opinion on can be seen.

‘Kick-Ass’ Red Band Trailer – Hit Girl

I have to admit that when I first saw the footage and concept art from the comic-book adaptation Kick-Ass I was a little skeptical about how this movie would play out. The more footage I see from this film the more I can’t wait to get my ass into a theatre to see it. Tell me if you don’t feel the same after watching this red band trailer for Hit Girl.

Movie Review: Defective Man (2009)

Are you ready for the 8-fisted power of the Defective Four? Can you handle the tale of Defective Man! and his cadre of costumed crime fighters, protecting the harsh streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico? Then check this out…

‘Clash of the Titans’ Unleashes a Second Trailer

The second trailer Clash of the Titans has hit the web and it’s even better than the first. More creatures, more monsters, more gods and a kraken to boot. With word coming from the LA Times that Warner Bros. has given director Louis Leterrier more money to shoot some all-new scenes early next month to fix some rough spots in the film this movie is shaping up to be a potential epic. Here̵...[Read More]

‘Shrek Forever After’ Trailer and Poster

If you haven’t had enough Shrek you can rejoice because the trailer for the fourth film is here… and the first poster.

Singer Returns to ‘X-Men First Class’

Many X-Men fans were disappointing when Bryan Singer left the X-Men franchise to pursue Superman Returns. They were even more upset when Fox announced that Brett Ratner would direct X-Men: The Last Stand. Now fans can rejoice because the man who brought us the first two films in the X-Men franchise is returning to the helm. On the Avatar blue carpet last night MySpace asked Singer what he was doin...[Read More]

Dante’s Inferno Demo: First impressions

It’s not always a great idea to re-visit a classic like The Divine Comedy, because there’s no guarantee that you’ll get away with it. Sandow Birk and Marcus Sanders’ modern English retelling of Dante’s opus, which starts off: ‘About halfway through the course of my pathetic life, I woke up and found myself in a stupor in some dark place. I’m not sure how I...[Read More]

‘Iron Man 2’ Trailer is HERE!

Am I ever glad that I decided to check things out online before heading to bed. Perhaps the IRON MAN 2 trailer is the medicine I need to help cure this cold I’ve been fighting for 7-days. I really don’t think this one really needs an intro… give it a gander!

New ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Trailer Debuts

Tim Burton’s re-imagining of Alice in Wonderland has its first full trailer online. From the trailer I’m guessing this isn’t an exact retelling of the classic story, but a Tim Burton-ized version of the story. It appears that Alice is returning to Wonderland rather than a first visit. Give the trailer a look and tell us what you think…

Ridley’s ‘Robin Hood’ Gets a Trailer

Ridley Scott’s latest film will once again delve into the world of the Nottingham, Robin Hood and that greedy sheriff. The first trailer is online. Will it rock, or will it be another near miss by Scott?

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