Month: October 2009

Exclusives with Dragon Age Pre-Order

I guess one could say one of the fundamental laws of Geekdom is that you have to choose a side. Either Fantasy or Sci-Fi, and that those, like myself who refuse to choose, are just not worthy of the Geek title. It appears that Bioware is trying to bridge that gap. By offering exclusive items to two of the most anticipated RPG’s of the upcoming year.

TWITTAFLICKS – 2009 Halloween Edition!

Wicked tidings of misery and abomination, gruesomes and ghouls… TwittaFlicks here, with our 2009 list of severed finger-size reviews of some Samhain favorites to darken your All Hallow’s festivities… Feverish dreams and Happy Hellowe’en, my fiends!

Exclusive 360 Bundle at EB Gamestop

Our friends at Microsoft has unveiled a brand new Xbox 360® Elite Special Edition bundle only available at EB Gamestop’s across Canada. The reason… Forza Motorsports 3.

‘New Moon’ TV Spot and Featurette

We’re only 21 days away from hearing nothing but Twilight banter at every water cooler, in every store in the mall, and just walking down the street. To help you get even more excited for New Moon we have a TV spot and a featurette. Check ’em out.

Uncharted 2 DLC is Coming (Screenshot Included?)

Naughty Dog has been busy it seems. About a week ago creative director Amy Henning told Industry Gamers that sales for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves had exceeded their sales predictions and that DLC will be coming for the game before years end. That’s not all…

Hopkins is Thor’s Daddy

Negotiations with Anthony Hopkins are in progress to allow him to play Odin, The Norse god in Thor.  The movie, directed by Kenneth Branagh, in association with Marvel Studios, will follow the god of thunder, Thor, a powerful and overly arrogant warrior whose reckless actions resurrect an ancient war.

Terminator Boobage!

Back when Terminator Salvation was in development and the issue of what the movie was going to be rated was the topic de jour, director McG said he was going to make the movie he was going to make and the ratings would be wherever the cards fell. I guess that didn’t include a shot of hottie Moon Bloodgood’s shapely upper body because it was decided that footage of her topless would be ...[Read More]

‘Avatar’ Trailers, a Featurette, and Promo Spot

Fox is hard at work these past few days with a boatload of video showing up all over the interwebs. We’ve got an international trailer, the domestic trailer, a 40-second promo trailer and a 4-minutes featurette entitled Vision. So, strap yourself into your chair and get ready to be blown away… 3, 2, click

‘Men in Black 3’ Gets Tropic

Sony is about to host another intergalactic kegger as they move forward with a third installment in the Men in Black franchise. The title may be a little misleading as the MiB will not be taking place in the tropics, well hopefully not, but that Tropic Thunder screenwriter Etan Cohen is writing the script.

Ridley Scott Talks Alien Prequel

Empire Online recently got to chat with Ridley Scott regarding the Alien prequel he will soon be directing. Can you believe it has already been 30-years since the he directed the first Alien movie that spawn one awesome sequel and 2 piles o’ poop? Crazy I know. Anyway, Empire was able to get a little taste of the story.

Assassin’s Creed: Lineage – Ubisoft Short Film Series

In an unexpected surprise today, Ubisoft has dropped a tiny pebble onto the interweb which is quickly becoming a tidal wave! If you haven’t heard about, or come across, this little video yet be prepared to have your eyes AND mind impressed. Assassin’s Creed: Lineage – Part I. This first of a series of short films sets up the story for Ubisoft‘s upcoming release of Assassin&...[Read More]

‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Title Treatment

Summit Entertainment isn’t waiting long to move ahead with the third film in the Twilight Saga and have sent us over the title treatment for Eclipse. Check it out!

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