Month: September 2009

This Guy Reviews —> HIS NEW LAPTOP!

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Soderbergh Swings for a “Knockout”

Stephen Soderbergh fresh off the premiere of his latest directorial effort “The Informant” at the Venice Film Festival is already committed to his next feature. It will be a spy thriller called Knockout starring MMA and American Gladiators star Carla Carano in her big screen debut.

Sly Clarifies Rambo 5 Storyline

It seems there is much confusion about RAMBO 5, what it is about and what it is not about. Sly clarifies in his RABMLO voice mail and sets the record straight!

Ritchie Gets ‘Lobo’

There’s no end in sight for comic book movies and looks like the WB is moving ahead with its next project and it’s going to be the interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter Lobo. The Brothers Warner have also secured Guy Ritchie of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch fame to direct.

Canada’s ‘Defendor’ Gets a Trailer

Making its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival is a film that questions our comic-saturated culture. That film is Defendor and is written and directed by Canada’s own Peter Stebbings and starring none other than Woody Harrelson.

Site Down Time

I’d like to apologize for the site down time over the past few days. I appears as though it started with a file system issue, blossomed into a hacker getting into the server itself and then them upgrading the system to make it more secure. I’m looking into moving the site to another host, which may or may not happen in the next few days. Thank you for coming back and be sure to check o...[Read More]

Interview: James Preston Rogers

On August 28th I was invited to the underground gym where a giant trains. Arranged through a simple Facebook friend request and several back and forth messages I met with this giant who calls himself James Preston Rogers. Although, he stands at hulking 6’6″ the aspiring actor is an all around great guy (even if he was the one mo-capped as the Abomination in The Incredible Hulk). We cha...[Read More]

Are You Ready For ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’ Trailer?

If the trailer is any indication of how funny The Men Who Stare at Goats will be it’s one movie that I’ll be looking forward to late this fall. With such talent as George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Ewan McGregor and Kevin Spacey it has the star power to pull it off. Here’s the film’s official synopsis: In this quirky dark comedy inspired by a real life story you will hardly bel...[Read More]

New Trailer and Final Poster for ‘Astro Boy’

I still recollect watching Astro Boy when I was growing up but can’t really remember all the details other than he was a robotic boy with built-in rocket blasters, weapons and some crazy hair. Now after all these years Astro is getting his big screen debut on October 23rd and we have the newest trailer and final one sheet for the film. The new movie stars the voices of Freddie Highmore, Kris...[Read More]

Fan Expo 2009: Pictures

This past weekend the Metro Toronto Convention Centre was home to Fan Expo 2009 where geeks, freaks, and peeps were exposed to comics, sci-fi, horror, games and anime. While I spent most of my time working on getting interviews, making new contacts, friends and having a blast. I did manage to snap a few photos here and there. Here are some of the photos I took while I was there.

TCFHE: Fight Club: 10th Anniversary Blu-ray

MISCHIEF. MAYHEM. SOAP. FIGHT CLUB 10 TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION BLU-RAY DISC Starring Oscar-Nominee* Brad Pitt And Golden Globe-Winner** Edward Norton, Project Mayhem Battles Onto Blu-ray Disc For The First Time November 17From Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Brand New Bonus Material Includes An Interactive Search Index, Interactive Sound Design Feature, Behind-The-Scenes At Spike TV’s 2009 ...[Read More]

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