Month: September 2009

Blue Man Group Movie?

Well this is….strange. Apparently the musical (and performance art?) act Blue Man Group is looking to come to a cineplex near you. This part I find the strangest of all, the movie distribution rights were acquired by National Geographic. Yes, the nature people. For more details on the proposed IMAX movie (really?) read ahead…

NHL 10 [Xbox 360 Review]

  After its amazing run with over 10 sports game of the year awards, EA Sports is back with its follow up to last year’s smash hit with NHL 10.  After such a successful year one must wonder just what EA would do to top themselves.  As a result NHL 10 might not live up to its high expectations Don’t get me wrong, it is a great game, but it’s not the huge leap forward that NHL 09 was from 08.  At fi...[Read More]

A Little Stratusfaction is Coming to the Wii

According to  the wii is going to be getting a new fitness game from everybodies favourite med student turned pro wrestler Trish Stratus.  The Wii could use some stratusfaction….well couldnt we all 😉

Shane Reaches 10k Gamer Points – Exactly

After losing my game save for Batman: Arkham Asylum with nearly 56% of the game finished I was a little heart broken. Little did I realize that I whipping through the game in a few hours (knowing where not to waste time) that I would hit a milestone bang on. Yes, I hit 10,000 gamer points tonight. Exactly 10,000 gamer points. Booooya!

‘Defendor’, ‘Lobo’, Abrams two and more…

Lots of news to wrap into one little article. We’ve got news on Defendor, Lobo, Star Trek 2, Mission: Impossible 4, and some A-Team stuff. Let’s get started shall we!

Lincoln Still Coming!

For years and years and… years, we’ve been hearing about how Steven Spielberg is going to make a movie about Lincoln and his presidency. First it was going to star Harrison Ford as the colonel in the US Army who was put in charge of hunting Booth, then Liam Neeson’s name was thrown around for Lincoln. Now it seems the target of the plot is going to be centered around Lincoln̵...[Read More]

Toy Story 3 Poster

The Toys are back in town. At least they will be. Next year. In the middle of next year. But, we have the teaser poster RIGHT NOW! PS) Sorry for the lame intro but no one really knows much of anything about Toy Story 3 except that it’s coming out next year and it will be in 3D. Pixar is keeping it hush hush.  

Scott Does Vampires

What’s with this vampire craze? Twilight, True Blood and a countless other number of vampire projects are currently hitting the small and big screen in record numbers. Maybe Hollywood is trying to tell us something? Anyhow, toss the hat of uber director Ridley Scott into the ring of potential vampire projects. For more details on what exactly he’s brewing, read on…

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 [ Xbox-360 Review ]

Activison is back with its Action RPG button masher, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.  Fans of the original and new comers alike will be able to jump right in and tangle with many of the worst baddies that the Marvel Universe has to offer.   The story loosely follows the “Secret War” and “Civil War” storylines from recent comics.  After a secret unsanctioned invasion of Latveria (lead by S.H.I.E.L.D.S ...[Read More]

Transformers 3 – Megan’s Revenge

Seems that the off again, on again relationship that Michael Bay has with the Transformers franchise in back on again. According to Bay’s own webmaster he’s going into meetings this week to discuss what can be done for the upcoming sequel. Let’s hope this time it involves adding a storyline. Oh and as for that subtitle, I just added that to justify the picture of Megan Fox lookin...[Read More]

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Reaches For More Than Stars!

Early reviews for Naughty Dog‘s action adventure sequel to their 2007 hit Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is taking the gaming world by storm… and it doesn’t even hit store shelves for another month! Reports have begun to filter onto various websites about the first review to appear in print format. A French gaming magazine called PSM3 is quoted as saying, “Long, visually ...[Read More]

Game Releases Week of Sept. 15 2009

Want to know what’s coming out this week that will undoubtedly suck more of your life and time away? Check out the release list for the week of September 15th.

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