Month: June 2009

Revenge of the Michael Bay Box Office

Right now I bet that Michael Bay is laughing at the critics that tore apart Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. In fact, Transformers 2 currently has the largest opening of 2009, 2nd largest 5-day opening and 2nd fastest to $200-million only behind last years behemoth The Dark Knight. I understand that early today he got a new pool installed. Picture inside

Trish’s Dish for ‘Taken’

Tonight we are pairing Taken with a wine that like our lead Bryan is not what one first thinks it is.  Barolo is a very famous Italian wine that for centuries has been dubbed the “King of wines” by some.  Barolo is a wine that has a whole lot going on underneath the surface that no one knows about until they take the time to really look, a bit like a father who is never there but really is out pro...[Read More]

Exclusive: HANGOVER DVD/Blu-ray Release Date – Confirmed

It appears that our fearless leader here at, Shane MacDonald, has stumbled himself upon a tidbit of information regarding this years surprise “laugh until you cry” fest that is know as The Hangover. As you can see from the picture posted below, it is set to release for use in your home theatres on…

Nolan off Batman? Bay done with Transformers?

Say it isn’t so? Apparently Director Christopher Nolan has been so shook up by Heath Ledger’s death that he may not return for the next Batman. Not to be outdone, Michael Bay has been telling everyone he’s done with the Transformers.

Tweets Live from Warner Bros. Q3 Event

Tonight I’ll be in the big city of Toronto for the quarterly Warner Home Video showcase. If you’re new to the site, this is where they show off all their upcoming titles for the next 3 months. Hopefully tonight I can find out when a certain WB title will be hitting the market as it’s been UP on the competition over the past few weekends. Anyway, tune in tonight starting around 6:...[Read More]

Indy 5 nearing the starting gun?

During an interview with the BBC, Transformers star Shia LeBoeuf revealed that he will likely be reprising his role as Indiana Jones’ son sometime in the near future. He said that long-time Indy director Steven Spielberg has “cracked the story on [Indiana Jones 5]. I think they’re gearing that up.” Everyone’s busy at the moment, so the next Indy adventure would likely...[Read More]

Follow the Blu-Brick Road

When one hears the term – classic movie – I don’t know about you but for me this is one of those movies that always springs to mind.  First seen as an impressionable young child this film made an impression on me that continues to exist today.  The images of the tornado, the wicked witch disappearing in a puff of smoke, the wonderful characters, and those flying monkeys!  Forget ...[Read More]

Abrams and Cruise Working on ‘M:I 4’

I know I’m one of the few who thought that Mission Impossible III was the best in the series. So finding this tidbit that JJ Abrams is teaming once again with Tom Cruise to bring Ethan Hunt back to the big screen is exciting to me. It seems that everything JJ puts his hands on lately is a success.

TwittaFlick #302 – My Neighbor Totoro (1993)

TwittaFlick 302 – My Neighbor Totoro (1993) – The wonders of childhood in glorious strokes of Japanime from master storyteller Miyazaki.

TwittaFlick #30 – Apocalypse Now (1979)

TwittaFlick 30 – Apocalypse Now (1979) – Franny Coppola goes apeshit in Nam’ w/ scary bald Brando a wobbly Sheen & 12 year-old Fishburne

TwittaFlick #107 – Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

TwittaFlick 107. – Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) – Technically amazing. Full of potential. Ultimately melodramatic piece of fluff.

TwittaFlicks #229 – Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)

  TwittaFlicks 229 – Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004) – Samurai-inspired revenge epic gets spaghetti-flavored and David Carradine owns the screen RIP

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