Month: May 2009

‘Fringe’ – S1 Coming in September

During the traditional window from September to May of first run series a few always seem to end up being tagged for later viewing as time, opportunity, and personal whimsy conspire against making them required viewing. Fringe fell into that category for me.  While the concept intrigued, and John Noble’s portrayal of addled genius Walter Bishop tickled my funny bone, other shows had a strong...[Read More]

Trish’s Dish for ‘I AM LEGEND’

Tonight’s movie and food pairing will feature I Am Legend pairing it with a Champagne wine.  Champagne is a region in France that only produces sparkling wine made of Pinot Noir, Pinot Mieuner and Chardonnay.  Champagne on its own is a bit of a legend and I think is a great pairing for this movie. *Congratulations to Trish who was married over the weekend. It was a good time!*

‘Toy Story 3’ Teaser on ET – Updated

Entertainment Tonight has aired the Toy Story 3 teaser that will debut in front of Pixar’s UP. It’s crappy quality, but you’re skipping UP this weekend at least you can have a sneak peek at it. I’ve updated the trailer to a better quality version rather than keep that phone cam’ed version. If you want to see the teaser in High-Def head on over to

‘Avatar’ Concept Art Discovered

MarketSaw has scored themselves a pretty sweet scoop with some concept art James Cameron’s upcoming sci-fi flick Avatar. The concept art comes from the upcoming The Art of Avatar: James Cameron’s Epic Adventure book.

‘Flight of the Navigator’ Remake

Say it ain’t so? Apparently hot off the profits from the remake of ‘Race to Witch Mountain’, Disney is going to pilfer another of it’s big catalog titles ‘Flight of the Navigator’. The original movie starred a young Sarah Jessica Parker, a guy named Joey Cramer and Pee Wee Herman as the time travelling robot/alien ship Max.

‘G.I JOE’ – International Poster

Check it out, the final International poster for ‘G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra’. Does it look anymore ridiculous than the trailers? You be the judge, cause knowing is half the battle and the other half is….not knowing?

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony?

According to the latest DLC for Grand Theft Auto 4 will be….Grand Theft Auto:  The Ballad of Gay Tony.  The title allone will cause a bit of noise im sure, but if its as good as The Lost and the Damned then count me in…

Microsoft Announces Zune HD

After a few leaks and rumors, is reporting that Microsoft has offically announced The Zune HD.  It reportedly will have a new way to interact with the Xbox 360 and specifically Xbox Live.

Three ‘New Moon’ Photos

Summit Entertainment has just sent us a three new photos from Twilight Saga: New Moon. I’m not going to waste your time, you’ve probably seen them on other sites already.

ThisGuy Reviews ‘Resistance 2’

Disclaimer: Eye Crave Network takes no responsibility for the quality, content or opinions contained within this article. The opinions and misguided notions contained are those of the author and do not represent anyone but “THIS GUY”…

Nathan Fillion as ‘Green Lantern’ – Fan Made Trailer

While the internet speculates who will dawn the ring of the Lantern Corp in the upcoming Green Lantern movie one fan took things into his own hand and made a fan made trailer starring none other than Nathan Fillion. Check it out.

Microsoft To Enter Handheld Market?

 The Folks over at Team Xbox are reporting that Microsft is planning on releasing a new handheld device that is a cross between a Zune and an Xbox.  Sounds cool to me!

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