Month: December 2008

‘The Dark Knight’ Comes Back to Theatres and To Blu-ray

Not only is The Dark Knight headed back to the big screen for Oscar season, but there’s also going to be a December-18th Blu-ray Live event, where 100,000 owners of the Blu-ray release will get to watch and partake in a live, interactive commentary by director Christopher Nolan. So, will there be a sequel, or won’t there? Even Nolan ain’t so sure. He’s been taking notes and trying to get his...[Read More]

Joker Defaces Eye Crave Network

Seems sometime during the night that misfit of a maniac defaced Eye Crave Network. Thank fully he only attacked the logo. I guess it’s only fitting seeing as today is Dark Knight Day! Yes, The Dark Knight is finally legally available on DVD and Blu-ray and it is well worth the wait. Go buy it today!

Watchmen Video Journal #9

Warner Bros. and Zach Snyder have been releasing making-of web featurettes for a while now. Video #9 has hit the web and looks into the creation of the Watchmen world. Give it a look.

Who You Gonna Play? Ghostbusters! The Video Game

“Ray has gone bye-bye, Egon… what’ve you got left?” Hopefully battery power so you can catch ghosts when Ghostbusters The Video Game slides into your console hits next summer. Check out the awesome trailer for the game.

Live and Let Die [Blu-ray review]

Starring: Roger Moore, Yaphet Kotto, Jane SeymourDirected by: Guy Hamiliton Running Time: 122 minutes Back Cover James Bond battles the forces of black magic in this high-octane adventure that hurtles him from the streets of New York City to Louisiana’s Bayou country. With charm, wit and deadly assurance, Roger Moore steps in as agent 007 and takes on a powerful drug lord (Yaphet Kotto) with...[Read More]

Micro Review: Dark Knight on Blu-ray

I wanted to give you all my first thoughts on The Dark Knight on Blu-ray. I literally just finished watching it moments ago and then grabbed my PC when I should be crawling into bed for my wake-up call five short hours from now. However, I needed to get something out there. Hence, the first Micro Review is born at Eye Crave Network.

Sideways on Blu-Ray in Feb

Pinot Noir or Cabernet? Well actually, I prefer a well bodied Shiraz, but it’s got to be anything but Merlot. Finally getting some Hi Def love, the wine lover movie Sideways will hit Blu-Ray on Feb 3rd with an SRP of $29.99 and for the first time I can recall, a reasonable Canadian MSRP of $32.99

‘Eagle Eye’ Sees End of 2008

 ‘The Beef’ stars in Eagle Eye along with Michelle Monaghan and the eyes in the sky have told us that Paramount Home Entertainment will release the film the very last DVD release day of 2008.

DVD New Releases – December 2, 2008

 DVD New Releases – December 2, 2008 Only 23 shopping days left!!! ULTIMATE CASABLANCA!! WANTED, STEP BROTHERS, NARNIA part deux, the original Sci-Fi classic THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL!!!  

Prince Caspian Clip and Bonus Feature

Tomorrow sees the release of Disney’s second film in The Chronicles of Narnia franchise Prince Caspian and we have a few video clips for you to see.

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