Month: October 2008

A Halloween treat from The Den… MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN!

After dumping Clive Barker’s latest gore-filled thrill-kill fest like a hot freakin’ potato, Lionsgate is now offering MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN up as a FREE Halloween treat online!

Shane Carves his Pumpkins Live

Last night I broadcasted my pumpkin carving as they were both movie related. Now, I’m posting the final product of those carvings plus a bonus carving that was not broadcast. I’ve added a picture of me in costume. I took home best costume at the office.

Universal Advises Us to Burn After Reading

 Universal Studios Home Entertainment has advised us to Burn After Reader so I’m not sure how the press release managed to survive long enough to make it on Eye Crave Network. Especially with some fire starters on the team to.

Joaquin Phoenix Quits Film

While promoting his latest film, Two Lovers, actor Joaquin Phoenix dropped a bomb on the movie going public when being interviewed on the red carpet by E! Online.

Snakes on a Babe – OH YA!

The Hoff has been a knight, he’s been a life guard, he’s been Nick Fury, and he’s a judge of talent, but now David Hasselhoff wrangles up snakes in Anaconda 3. Snakes here. Snakes there. Snakes on A BABE? You know it. Match the snakes to show the girl.


  In honor of the October 28 DVD release of TROMA’s latest opus, POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD, I thought it might be a good time to revisit my previous review and throw in a trailer for all you kids curious about the state of Troma in the Fast Food Nation.

Netfilx HD streaming coming to 360 first

The November 19th dashboard update will bring a first for Netflix, HD Streaming.  This will be available for Xbox Gold Live members after downloading the dashboard update November 19th.  At launch there will only be around 300 titles to choose from, but if successful, this number should skyrocket.

Exclusive 360 controller and headset at Walmart

Walmart seems to have an exclusive controller and headset package available already online.  I checked the local store, no sign yet.  Walmart’s site says it has limited local pickup. Anyone plan on picking up such an ugly controller?  If they knocked off a few bucks and ditched the headset, i could see it in a few stockings this year.

Nolan Talk Third Batman

While talking the success of The Dark Knight to the LA Times the question of the third Batman movie came up. Of course, why wouldn’t it? Rumours have been circulating about production already having begun in Chicago. Here’s what Nolan had to say: Well … let me think how to put this. There are two things to be said. One is the emphasis on story. What’s the story? Is there a story ...[Read More]

Downey Jr. and Faves Join The AVENGERS

Marvel confirmed today that Iron Man (aka Tony Stark) star Robert Downey Jr. will dawn the armour at least one more time in The Avengers movie. Iron Man director Jon Favreau is also coming on board as producer. Marvel also confirmed that Terrence Howard who played Colonel James Rhodes (Rhodey) will be replaced by Don Cheadle. Perhaps even more interesting is that Cheadle also signed to play the ro...[Read More]

DVD New Releases – October 28, 2008

DVD New Releases for October 28… A ton of Halloweeny goodness, tricks and treats galore! 3-D out the wazoo! New Disney! 

Guitar Hero World Tour On Shelves

I saw it in Wal-Mart a day early, but now it’s official.  World Tour is out for the masses.  While I haven’t heard anything about the 360 version, I heard a bunch of complaints for the PS3 version.

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