Month: August 2008

Firefly Rides Onto Blu-ray

Firefly is a series that was canceled well before it hit its stride. It’d one remarkably well on DVD and the movies based on the TV series, Serenity has performed incredibly strong on DVD selling out of copies three times according to the last info I saw on the title. Fox Home Entertainment isn’t about to let that series down again this time bringing the space western to Blu-ray for th...[Read More]

MTI unleashes NYMPHA September 9

The good folks at MTI are set to unleash Ivan Zuccon’s ‘stylish and disturbing thriller’ NYMPHA on September 9, starring the lovely and talented Tiffany Shepis!!! Read on for details and possibilities…

DVD NEW RELEASES – 8/19/2008

DVD NEW RELEASES – August 19, 2008  

Weekend Box Office – Aug 15-17

TROPIC THUNDER is the mighty hunter who finally took down THE DARK KNIGHT!!! That’s right kids, Batman is dethroned as the #1 film in theatres this weekend! Read on for the top 5 films this weekend…

X08 Canada

Each year Xbox Canada showcases the latest games to media and select group of Live Canada members at X event. This X08 will take place once again in Toronto. Details are still emerging and we expect to know more next week. Head inside for more…

Comic-Con: Stargate Continuum Red Carpet

Last year we covered the DVD release of 300 on the red carpet and this year Fox Home Entertainment invited us to cover the straight to DVD release of the latest Stargate movie – Stargate Continuum. Step through the Jaffa Eye for more.

Pre-order NECROVILLE on DVD!!!

I know, I know – this one’s been a long time comin’. I’ve been mumbling about doing this review for months. Trust me, the wait was necessary and the film is ingenious, hilarious and 12 or 13 other exclamatory remarks ending in -ous. NECROVILLE comes to DVD September 30th and I can tell you how to get your grimy hands on a copy… Read on, monkey-f#$%ers, or suffer the c...[Read More]

Ultimate Matrix Collection Headed to BD

The most requested title(s) from the Warner Bros. vault is finally coming to Blu-ray later this fall. That’s right the Matrix trilogy will be getting the same treatment it received on the now defunct HD DVD back in May. Follow the white rabbit for more info…


INDY RETURNS! Catch the $770 Million Box Office smash sequel INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL when it arrives on DVD (single-disc and two-disc special edition) and Blu-ray on October 14!!! Read on for all the deets! ******UPDATED – COVER ART******

THE OUTER LIMITS Original series box set!

There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. Those words changed the landscape of North American Pop Culture when they first shocked viewers in 1963… October 21, you can own the entire groundbreaking series!

DVD NEW RELEASES – 8/11/2008

DVD NEW RELEASES – August 12, 2008

Comic-Con: Terminator Salvation Press Conference

With the immense success that Warner Bros. has been getting with the films they bring to Comic-Con it’s no surprise that this year they continued to do so with heavy hitters such as Watchmen and Terminator Salvation. The Watchmen panel was a complete success, but the crowd had it’s doubts when it came to the McG helmed Terminator Salvation. Initially anyway. Read more inside…

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