Month: August 2008


Help a brother out! I actually wrote the liner notes inside this DVD! Now I am desperate to get them out into the world, like a beautiful word-baby, swaddled in a horror-ific plastic DVD case… Order one today! Direct from the Director himself! He’ll sign it for you! Then you give me a shout… I’ll sign it too! Hell, I’ll buy you a beer, and then sign it in my own blood...[Read More]

‘Superman: Doomsday’ for Blu-ray on November 28

Previously released as a bare bones DVD in September 2007, Warner Premiere and DC Comics have gone the all too frequent double dip route. A new two disc SD DVD and a BluRay version has been announced for the direct-to-video animated film ‘Superman: Doomsday.’ You can mark down November 28th as the street date for these releases. Click on the ‘Full Story’ link for further de...[Read More]

PS Store Update – Aug 28

We all know that you need your Playstation Store fix… We got the deets for Aug 28

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Incredible Hulk Turns Blu (and Silver)

Louis Leterrier took on the challenge of rebooting The Incredible Hulk, quite successfully I might add. Now, on October 21st you can own the big green guy on DVD and Blu-ray disc. Buy it or “HULK SMAAAAAAAAASH!”

DVD New Releases – 8/26/08

DVD NEW RELEASES – August 26, 2008

Viva Ramone! Reviews GIMME SKELTER!

Viva Ramone! has returned with another wild and crazy review. This time it’s our old pal Scott Phillips’ GIMME SKELTER hitting DVD on Tuesday Aug. 26… Click on for the loco craziness of the masked madman…

Weekend Box Office – Aug 22-24

TROPIC THUNDER held on to the #1 spot for the second week in a row, with THE DARK KNIGHT falling to #4 in its 6th week (with a legendary near-$500M total!) The big surprise is the Anna Faris comedy THE HOUSE BUNNY debuting at #2… check out the full top 5 inside!

EyeCraveDVD Gets Its Game On – X08 Canada

XBOX 360 Canada once again invited the crew to attend an X event where we get to check out, play, and talk all the upcoming games. As fun as X07 was X08 absolutely blew it away. The venue was awesome and we got our Gears of War 2 multi-player on. Get ready to pop into the full article.


A new COLLECTOR’S EDITION of Tim Burton’s neuveaux classic THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS hits shelves on Tuesday August 26… Click on for all the details and some exclusive new pics!

DOZERS Trailer online!

Writer/directors Don Adams (DARK SIDE OF THE MOONSHINE, JIGSAW) and Harry James Picardi (Editor of THE HILLZ and NECROVILLE) are bringing the social commentary/bloodthirsty horror of DOZERS straight to your door later this year… The Den of Iniquity is bringing the kick-ACE trailer to your door… RIGHT NOW! Click on, baby. Click on!

GIMME SKELTER on DVD – August 26!

My favorite genre flick of the year – GIMME SKELTER comes to DVD on August 26… And in the immortal words of T.Rex: The town is tremblin’ The glitter maniacs pass Well I can’t sit still So baby lets dance READ on for my original review, links to interviews (including Gunnar ‘Leatherface’ Hansen) and more!

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