Month: July 2008

Comic-Con: Sex Drive First Look

Back at the ‘Con I was fortunate enough to take in a screening of the upcoming comedy Sex drive, starring Seth Green, Josh Zuckerman and Clark Duke. Not only was it a cool experience seeing the film months before it hits theaters but get this, it’s pretty darn entertaining too. For a little bit about my experience, read ahead…

Coolest trailer of the year?? SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO!

What do you get when you cross famed Japanese Master-of-all-Genres Takashi Miike, technicolor dreamscapes, the Hollywood western and Quentin Tarantino? The coolest damn trailer of the year! Click on for SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO!!!! (Discretion is advised – this trailer contains copious amounts of violence)

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price in Q1 2009?

Rumors from the Con is that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will hit debut on DVD mid Q1 2009. I’m sure we can expect a fully loaded DVD and Blu-ray release as Warner Bros. has always treated the Potter titles well.

The Dark Knight in December?

Word from someone whom I know, but cannot say who told me recently, at Comic-Con, that we can expect The Dark Knight on DVD just in time for Christmas. As, in the first full week of December, if this person recollected the date correctly. At this point that’s all I know, but we’ll have more info in September when we once again join the Warner Bros. family for their annual Q4 party.

Bond, Bond – Double Dip in BluRay and Standard DVD Release

In March 2007 the revived Bond franchise released ‘Casino Royale’ on home video to big sales. Those big sales happened even though there was much grumbling about the dearth of bonus features. Sony Pictures has gone the double dip route with the recent announcement of a two-disc collector’s edition of Casino Royale scheduled to street on October 21, 2008 preceding the November 7th...[Read More]

DVD New Releases – 07/29/2008

DVD NEW RELEASES – July 29, 2008  


Check out this online ad for the Bizjack Flemco production <b>THE MISLED ROMANCE OF CANNIBAL GIRL AND INCEST BOY</b> with our old pal Lloyd Kaufman of Troma films and featuring a little blurb from yours truly… Read on to find out about the DVD release for this monumentally creative and thoroughly disturbed gem of indie splatstick!  

Weekend Box Office

WB’s THE DARK KNIGHT triumphs again in its second week, beating out newcomers X-FILES: I WANT TO BELIEVE and the re-teaming of Shake n’ Bake (Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly) in STEPBROTHERS… Click on to see just how badly Bats pummeled the competition in this weekends Box Office totals.

Comic-Con Update! T4 and Starship Troopers 3

Shane-O just finished interviews with the cast of STARSHIP TROOPERS 3, including ex-Trek hottie Jolene Blalock and main man Casper Van Dien (an ECDVD fan!). They also wrapped up the exclusive press conference for TERMINATOR: SALVATION… expect to see the pics and video, get a description of the exclusive footage shown and hear the audio coverage as soon as the boys have a chance to load it up...[Read More]


Apparently, director Zach Snyder introduced the WATCHMEN footage by explaining that it would expand on the teaser footage we’ve already seen as well as show how ‘un-PG’ it really will be… Here is a breathless description of the footage from our man on the scene:

Comic-Con UPDATE!!!

Word from The Man at the Con… Currently sitting in the epic expanse of Hall H for the WB/WATCHMEN Panel… Click on to see what else is on store, including LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE and STARGATE: CONTINUUM news!!!


Head inside for a look at the two RED SONJA promo posters revealed by Producer Robert Rodriguez at SDCC!!!

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