Month: May 2008

Jackson Confirms the Lord of the Trilogy Being Prepped for BluRay

Recently Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro hosted a chat to discuss the upcoming Hobbit and bridging movie – which will link The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings movies – with their fans. During the chat, the inevitable question about releasing the LOTR movies on Blu-ray was asked. Click here to access the entire chat transcript. In regards to the new movies Jackson and del Toro cer...[Read More]

Transformers comes to Blu-ray

This coming September Paramount will be releasing Transformers on Blu-ray much to Michael Bays joy! It seems all the rumors that have been buzzing around are true! But is it enough to give this movie a second wind? You decide!

Early Watchmen DVD Details

It’s been no secret that Zach Snyder wants to stay as faithful to the original material as possible when it comes to Watchmen. He did with 300 and it turned out amazingly. So, when given the budget to get the story within the story done Zach jumped at the opportunity. The question was would The Tail of the Black Freighter be included in the original theatrical release or in an extended editi...[Read More]

Fox Announces Nim’s Island on DVD and BD

Stepping away from thrillers and into family films is two-time Academy Award winner Jodie Foster who stars as Alexandra Rover a reclusive author of a series of adventure books in Nim’s Island. The film co-stars Abigail Breslin and Gerard Butler. Check out the details inside on the DVD and Blu-ray release of this Family Adventure.



Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in August!

Perhaps the biggest surprise of last TV season and the only thing holding viewers attention during the latter-half of the writer’s strike, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is having it’s first season released on DVD and Blu Ray from our pals at Warner Home Video. If you call shotgun, I call 9mm for this ride…



Sleeping Beauty’s BD Live Features

Disney has stood strong behind Blu-ray since launch and they keep moving forward with the technology. When the animated classic Sleeping Beauty releases on Blu-ray October 7th this year Walt Disney Home Video will be pushing BD Live’s capabilities the furthest yet. There will be a plethora of internet features bundled into the first classic animation title to hit the blue discs. Just head in...[Read More]

THE MUMMY(s) are Revived

Universal Home Entertainment doesn’t just play with matches they also read, fearlessly, from the book Amon-Ra. The book that has to power to raise The Mummy movies from the dusty shelves of storage and unleash their curse upon DVD enthusiasts. You are correct in assuming that means UHE is about to re-release The Mummy and The Mummy Returns once again on DVD and Blu-ray just before the third movie,...[Read More]

Allan Burnett Talks Gotham Knight

Award Winning writer Allan Burnett gives us his opinion and feelings about the upcoming Warner Bros. movie Batman Gotham Knight. We also have a couple more pictures from the movie! Head inside to read all about it and see the awesome pictures!

Rambo: The Fight Continues… Online

Since First Blood I can’t count how many times I’ve pretended to be Rambo, especially after Rambo II. I even have a Rambo replica knife laying around so I could be Rambo. Now, I can with a 50-cal gun no less. Our friends at LIONSGATE have created a game so we can take out the bad guys. Check it out here and prepare for the DVD on May 27th.

DVD NEW RELEASES – 5/13/2008

DVD NEW RELEASES – May 13, 2008  

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