Month: April 2008

Paramount/DreamWorks Announce Blu-ray Slate

The world has been waiting for Paramount and DreamWorks to announce their Blu-ray plans and the details are now here. Things will kick off on May 20th with Face/Off, Blades of Glory and Bee Movie. For all the details buzz inside.


DVD NEW RELEASES – April 29, 2008


DVD NEW RELEASES – April 22, 2008

New York CC: Wrap up!

A fairly uneventful Con this year (except the Gotham Knight trailer) … such is the fate of a con which lies between WonderCon and the ever anticipated Comic-Con San Diego. We did get a few minor announcements which I’ll tag on in this article, so please, read on!

New York CC: Wanted

We were treated to a trailer for the upcoming film version of Wanted . Let me preface this with something my friend said to me before the panel “There’s no way Wanted could be turned into a movie and turn out good, it’s just not possible.” Well, it’s safe to say he was (delete expletive) wrong! Read on to find out how awesome it was!

New York CC: Dark Knight Surprise!

So, after the Hulk panel I realize it hadn’t quite been an hour for the Hulk panel, and it was quite odd that Hellboy 2 was paired up with Wanted and The Hulk wouldn’t be paired up with, boy, I don’t know… Batman: Dark friggen Knight! Well, to the boisterous, and somewhat confused, crowd it turned out that we would indeed be treated to something new from the Dark Knight camp. Head inside to ...[Read More]

A new O-Mac?

Yep. Shane-O-Mac and Co. are welcoming their newest addition! I believe he has a thread to the left labeled ‘Cut-out date’… Hearty congrats to Mommy & Daddy & the whole MacDonald clan. Obviously Poppa Mac will be out of the spotlight for a few days. So if anyone has any issues or questions feel free to harass me until his triumphant return.

New York Comic-Con Coverage

Our man Edward is at it again. First he brought you Wonder-Con. Now, he brings you the New York Comic-Con coverage live from New York. He’ll have the hottest scoops to some of this summers hottest movies. Ed’s keeping us abreast of all the happenings so check out his forum thread for all the goods.

Universal Announces Blu-ray Plans

Universal Studios Home Entertainment revealed its initial line-up of film and television properties arriving later this year on Blu-ray Disc, day and date with DVD. Since announcing support for BD the studio has remained silent on what we can expect and things look good for those who’ve been waiting for Universal’s first offerings. Read on for the official press release.

Warner Bros. Press Event: Q2 2008

The wonderful folks at Warner Bros. once again welcomed the team for another one of their Press Appreciation Events and thus exposing us to the slate of Q2 titles they have for you… our readers. With press decked out Sinatra style and ready to gamble away Warner’s money for a chance to win some swank door prizes the press was treated to a presentation showcasing some pr...[Read More]

Dark Knight IMAX Short Film on Batman Begins Blu-ray?

A tasty little tidbit that I picked last week while hanging with the Warner family is that Warner Bros. Home Video is attempting to somehow put The Dark Knight IMAX Short Film on the Blu-ray for the upcoming Batman Begins release in July. Because Director Chris Nolan shot the footage in IMAX format, a first for a feature film, there are some technical issue that may prevent them from keeping the i...[Read More]


DVD NEW RELEASES – April 15, 2008

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