Month: February 2008

Blu-ray Comes Back To Paramount

After Toshiba decided to cease HD DVD production Universal quickly made the move to announce their Blu-ray support. All eyes were on Paramount to see when the last man standing would make their movie. After all, it was only a few months ago they announced HD DVD exclusivity. Well, the wait is no more. More inside.


Head inside for the GOW2 announcement.

Juno on DVD in April

Critically acclaimed and becoming more commercially successful every week, our friends at Fox Home Entertainment have let us know that Juno starring a whole slew of stars including Kitty Pride, err Ellen Page and Jennifer Garner is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray. For the deets, read ahead… **Updated: Cover Art added **

Universal Goes Blu

In the wake of the Toshiba announcement this morning Universal Home Entertainment has decided to drop their strong support for HD DVD and are going Blu-ray. Head inside for the rest of the story


DVD NEW RELEASES February 19, 2008

HD DVD Hangs Up the Gloves

Toshiba announced today that it will discontinue making HD DVD products this coming March thus officially ending the format war. Now, all you fence sitters can go out and purchase the safest system in the Blu-ray unfinished spec.. the Playstation 3. The PS3 is the only Blu-ray player that can be upgraded to meet the final spec as it already has all the components. We here at are sa...[Read More]

DC Prepping Anime Style Batman Movie

Warner Bros. and DC are hard at work on their next animated feature film and this time they’re letting some of the best in Japanese Animation interpret Batman. Head inside for more. *UPDATED*

Firefly Coming to Blu-ray?

Joss Whedon’s amazing television series that was canceled well before its time, and spawned the amazing movie Serenity, may be making it’s way to Blu-ray disc in the very near future. has let slip that Firefly The Complete Series may be hitting BD very soon. There’s no date and no info other than listing it. Click here to see for yourself. We’ll bring more info a...[Read More]

A V P: R Comes to DVD and Blu-ray

In a second attempt to merge the two coolest aliens to grace film Fox will release Aliens Vs. Predator – Requiem on DVD and Blu-ray in April. Get ready to challenge your friends head-to-head with the Blu-ray version. Head inside to learn more and check out the cover art.


The lucky bastards over at YAHOO! have posted the first official trailer for… INDIANA JONES & THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL!


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