Month: August 2007

Die Hard, Fantastic Four on Blu-Ray and DVD

Fox has just sent along some hot press releases my way, so in turn I’m gonna post em real quick for you.How about details for Live Free, Die Hard and FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer?Read ahead…**UPDATE – Live Free or Die Hard Specs Posted****UPDATE 2 – Cover Art Added**

DVD New Releases 8/28/07

DVD NEW RELEASES 8/28/2007Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy *are* figure skating. BOOM!

More Horror on the Horizon!

Another high-toned super-horrorific heap of coming releases from SRS Cinema, Anchor Bay and Allumination Film Works…Including a new MASTERS OF HORROR from Mr. Chainsaw, Tobe Hooper!!!

FOX and MGM Blu-Ray

You may have already read this list elsewhere, but I found it in my email this morning and thought it important enough to bring to everyone’s attention. Fox is announcing several large blu-ray exclusive releases for later this year. To see the press release, read ahead…

DVD New Releases 8/21/07



More Sci-Fi, Horror and genre magnificence on the way to light up your All Hollow’s Eve!New double-discs from MGM And Fox Home Entertainment’s MIDNITE MOVIES line!And the Canadian debut of THE FILM CREW from the makers of MST3K!!!Those eyes! Those HORRIBLE eyes!


You know when it’s coming to DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray. You all ready know how many editions will exist on December 18th, and you what will be on each of them.But did you know that the official website for Blade Runner: The Final Cut. No… well check it out.

Cars Debuts on Blu-ray

Disney and PIXAR will debut the hit film Cars on Blu-ray November 6th. The company is touting massively advanced BD-Java features when Lightning McQueen and team come home in Blu.Head inside for the official press release.

Join the funkin’ HATCHET Army!

HATCHET ARMY! you say?Join now for the who, what, what?That’s right. It’s HATCHET. It is the return of the American Horror Classic. And if you love good old-fashioned balls-to-the-wall horror, like I know you do…Join the ranks of the HATCHET ARMY or be destroyed!

DVD New Releases 8/14/2007


A Mighty Hurricane of Genre DVD!

Holy Shnikeys! I’ve been saving up to give you a good heaping helping of Genre goodness to sink your wooden teeth into… and here it is!News on MASTERS OF HORROR! A freaky urban ghost story from MTI! Crazy Swedish grindhouse action! BANNED! Underground Cannibal Mania! BiFF JUGGERNAUT! And a double feature of Vampiric proportions from Tempe DVD!!

Hostel II in Time for Halloween

Did I ever call that one in yesterday’s news.Hostel II is set for release on the same day as the new Director’s Cut of the first film… October 23rd. Check out the grisly details inside.

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