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Comic-Con 07 – Day 4

Axel and I slept in and headed out late, wandering down to the Convention center at a leisurely pace, stopping for some Starbucks (Axel has me addicted to some cinnamon latte something) and taking our time.We did some last-day shopping and hit up a few more studios and distributors (including a little place called LUCASFILM!) so we can bring you guys even more news and reviews.

Comic-Con 07 – Day 3

The afternoon of Day 3 yielded some exciting moments for me. Axel and I went our separate ways to cover different things. You can read about what he did in his post right here… but read on for what happened at the Disney and Marvel Films panel…

Close Encounters in November

Doo Doo Doo Daa Doo…Look to the skies! Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind is being re-released on DVD from the folks from Sony, this time with all previous cuts of the film and in Hi Def for those with Blu-Ray.For the unearthly details,read ahead…

Blade Runner in December

During the fast and intense Comic-Con coverage that Shane and Axel are giving us straight from San Diego, it was revealed that Blade Runner will FINALLY be released in several amazing special edition formats coming out this December from the folks at Warner Brothers.For a look into the future, read ahead…

Comic Con – Day Deux

We hauled ass out of the hotel at 9am to get to the Con in time to line up for the WB panel and the rumoured BATMAN: DARK KNIGHT footage. Fiasco time there, kids! Shane was held up (in the non-robbery sense) at the bank. I forged ahead and jumped the official Comic Con shuttle. I was a 20-minute walk away, the shuttle took 35. I found a ten-mile long line to get in, yet somehow we managed to skate...[Read More]

Comic Con Day Officially Uno!

So we started off the day at the DVD SNEAK PEEK panel hosted by the cats from the Digital Bits. Much fiasco. Things were running late, constant tech problems, discs they hadn’t tried in machines that didn’t work… Still, with acclaimed DVD producers spilling their guts and showing choice clips from big upcoming projects, even the boobs running the show couldn’t ruin this one.

Comic-Con: Day 1/2

That’s right kids! Shane-O-Mac and Axel have made it to the show. We had a rough start, what with Shane’s plane starting and stopping, returning and, eventually, arriving in San Diego – a mere 4 hours late!Once we were checked into the scenic downtown Hampton Inn, plans were hatched, schemes were laid out and a battle plan was put into play. This involved the two of us amblin’ on down to the conve...[Read More]

San Deigo Comic-Con – EyeCraveDVD is here

After a few scary moments this morning with Shane’s plane the dynamic duo of Axel and Shane met up in San Diego.We’re now off to the San Diego Convention to get registered and meet up with the thousands of people migrating to this lovely city for Comic-Con 2007. Stay tuned for updates.



WHV Q3 Press Appreciation Event

On July 17th Jeff and I set off for the big TO once again. I was headed to the Passport authority prior to my departure for Comic-Con which was a scant 8-days away. Expecting to sit in the Passport office the majority of the day, the start was an early one…. read on for the rest of the adventure.



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