Month: June 2007

DVD New Releases 6/26/07



Our old pal Scott Phillips, genius behind mad zombiefest STINK OF FLESH and Renaissance man of B-movie culture, has dropped a few tiddlybits about the upcoming slasher-opus…

Meet The Robinsons – in October

Here’s an early heads up for you, Disney Home Video is releasing their in-house made CGI movie Meet The Robinsons on DVD and Blu-Ray this October and we already have all the details.Not only that, I’m heading to a Disney DVD event next week so look around tuesday or wednesday for some exclusive information on some of the hottest Disney titles heading to disc later this year.For the Rob...[Read More]

Kickin It Old Skool in August

Do the wild thang….Dropping soon will be Kickin’ It Old Skool, the comedy starring Jamie Kennedy and the insanely hot Maria Menounos from the peeps over at Fox Home Entertainment.Keep it real,read ahead…

DVD New Releases




Paramount Catalog Titles in August

First up, Paramount is going to release another version of the head bopper movie A Night At The Roxbury. However, what I’m really pumped about is that FINALLY, they are getting around to creating a real, honest to goodness Special Edition DVD of John Woo’s FACE/OFF.For the deets on both titles,bop ahead…

Disturbia in August

Everything seems to be coming out in August now doesn’t it? Anyhow, to add to the mix is the very popular Disturbia starring Carrie Anne Moss and the soon to be Transformers star Shia LeBouf.We have all the info from ours peeps over at Paramount.Read ahead…



TMNT in August

I was a big Ninja Turtles fan as a kid so it’s with great interest I present to you the FULL SPECS and details of the new TMNT movie which is set to hit DVD from the folks over at Warner Brothers.For a look at the deets,ninja vanish…

3 Saturday Morning Classics from Navarre/BCI!!!

The good folks over at BCI have reported plans to unleash 3! count em’! 3! Classic Saturday Morning faves from back in the day!

Wild Hogs in August

I seem to recall laughing out loud when I saw ads for this on TV, but thinking I would wait till video to see it. I bet that it will do better on DVD then it did in the theaters because I don’t think I’m alone in that line of thinking.At any rate, the good people over at Buena Vista aka Disney have let us know that Wild Hogs will be out this summer on DVD.For the deets, ride ahead̷...[Read More]

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