Month: February 2007

Blu-ray title with PS3 Europe

We have a little bit of news for you European readers who have been eagerly awaiting your turn at the Playstation 3.Seems that as with the North American launch, the Euro PS3 package will reward gamers with a complimentary copy of a Blu-ray title. Only, it’s not exactly as easy as opening the box.For some details, read ahead…

Letters from Iwo Jima

Clint Eastwood is up once again for some Oscar love with one of the two films he shot back-to-back. Surprising to some, but not to me, is that Letters from Iwo Jima is the one receiving all the praise and it’s coming to DVD on March 20th from Warner Home Video.Read on for more…

Crank Blu-ray Reviewed

The Departed DVD Review


Anchor Bay is bringing the goods for Horror and Cult film fans with a trio of goodies in February. Satanic Strippers in DEVIL’S DEN!!!Dario Argento is one of the MASTERS OF HORROR!!!And they are coming to get you… NIGHT OF THE LIVING DORKS!!!

Blood Diamond in March

Hey Folks, the good people over at Warner Home Video let us know that Blood Diamond is heading home onto DVD in March, so you’ll be able to see what all the Oscar buzz is about if you didn’t catch it in theaters.For all the info,read ahead…** Updated – HD DVD and Blu-ray release date inside **

The Good Shephard in March

This mission, if you choose to accept it…Oops, wrong movie franchise. Anyhow, if you’re interested in the cloak and dagger stories surrounding how the CIA was originally formed then this movie is for you. Universal is going to be releasing The Good Shephard soon.For the top secret brief,read ahead…

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