Month: November 2006

Press Release: Halo 3

The Marine in January

The franchise is here and you can’t see me!!!!What does that mean anyhow? Oh well, coming out on January 30th from Fox and WWE Films is The Marine on DVD and Blu Ray, starring current WWE Champion John Cena.To get a look at the specs and cover art,FU ahead…

Batman Beyond S3 and Justice League Unlimited S2

Mornin’ everyone. We have some news on the third and final season release of Batman Beyond, including the cover art and a little bit of news on Justice League Unlimited, Season Two.For the super details,read ahead…


bleep bloop bleep bloop…JACK BAUER ALERT!Read on for the shibby straight from the Ops at Fox…



If you plan on buying Superman: The Ultimate Collector’s Edition, Superman: The Movie – 4 Disc Collector’s Edition or the Christopher Reeve Superman Collection – listen up!The Box Sets are DEFECTIVEFor more information, read ahead…

Harrison Ford Takes on Blu-Ray

As ventures into the high-def mediums we’ll be trying to bring you all the goods and our PS3 owner, aka Jeff Reynolds, has taken a look at a few Blu-ray titles just for you… our valued readers.Head inside for a little bit more…


Classic Comedy Teamups Galore!!!!ALIAS…HOME ALONE, THE GRINCH and MIRACLE on 34th…ALI G!!!DUPREE!!!!ICE AGE 2!!!And finally… The Maestro… The Soup Nazi… Spongeworthy?… SEVEN???… The poisoned invitation… Yeah, that’s right…SEINFELD: SEASON SEVEN!!!!

Happy Feet Dances Past Bond

The family animated feature Happy Feet danced past Casino Royale take the box office crown.Borat finally slipped from the top to third while Santa and toilet humour rounded out the top 5… head inside for more.

Review: Casino Royale

360 HD-DVD Player works on PC

Here is an interesting development. The new XBOX 360 HD-DVD drive add-on WILL interface with a PC, making the $200 us drive the cheapest on the market.For more details, read ahead…

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